FREE FL Studio Samples: Download now 25 Plucked Presets!


I'm sharing 25 fl studio samples with you, which include toxic biohazard presets.

I have prepared 25 FL Studio samples for your sound library! Here are the steps you need to follow to test these presets:

• download the zip archive from the link located at the end of this article
• after unzipping the file, follow the installation instructions
• test these presets within the FL Studio program

You can listen to the presentation of the Deluxe Pluckeds sound bank here:

The archive also includes a PDF that will explain how to install this sound collection.

Of course, these FL Studio samples are actually preset for Toxic Biohazard. With the help of this virtual synthesizer, we created this entire sound bank as well as many others that are available on this site.

These FL Studio samples are meant to inspire music producers

Creating these FL Studio samples took a lot of time. I believe that the investment of energy was truly worth it. I am happy with the result I have obtained. That is why I thought about sharing it with you.

You are probably wondering in what music styles you can use these FL Studio samples. I will try to answer this question by providing a description of these sounds.

I believe that it is your role to determine the context in which you can use these FL Studio samples. Let’s see together what exactly this sound collection contains.

The entire package of 25 free FL Studio samples

In total, this library contains 25 pluckeds, which, this time, all these sounds fit into a single category. I renamed this package to Deluxe Pluckeds. Let’s take a look at the full list together. I will provide some additional descriptions of certain sounds where necessary.

1. PLC Ancient East
I thought of adding a little oriental influence to this sound. I think I succeeded to some extent. How you want to use this sound depends only on you.

2. PLC Arabic Instrumentation
3. PLC Bear in Winter
4. PLC Beautiful Adventure

It sounds a bit like a guitar in a small proportion.

5. PLC Blow Blammer
It’s probably the most powerful sound in this collection.

6. PLC Break Bricks
It’s a structure that sounds minimalist.

7. PLC Bright n’ Shine
8. PLC Cry
9. PLC Crystal

10. PLC Dramatic Story
I think it has a pretty gloomy character. It could be associated with a cold and cloudy autumn day. I would try to create pretty deep melodic lines using this sampler.

11. PLC Easy Melancholy
It’s pretty simple, but it can be framed in almost any musical context. I think I chose the name because of the emotional state that this sound transmits.

12. PLC Electron Fire
It has an electric character and is suitable for the Dance music style. I would classify it as a virus-type sound.

13. PLC Enchanted Gate
It is a sampler that sounds delicate. In many cases, I prefer to mix a sound using only a few sinusoids.

14. PLC Fancy Moschee
This is another sound in which I slipped in some oriental influence.

15. PLC Jumping
I think it would fit successfully in a Dance music style project.

16. PLC Low Battery
17. PLC Metalic Glitch
18. PLC Metropolitan City

19. PLC Plastic
20. PLC Pure Wood

I am a big fan of percussive sounds. Most of these are similar to the Xylophone or Marimba. You will encounter these types of FL Studio samples very often in my collections. In fact, I built a lot of presets that have similar characteristics to this one.

I plan to elaborate on a special sound library that includes the whole range of xylophone-like sounds.

21. PLC Silence Domination

I consider this to be a very good example that fits into this category.

If you have tested some reFX Nexus presets, you will definitely recognize similarities between the reFX Nexus collection and certain presets from this package. Many of today’s house or dance tracks are made with similar presets.

22. PLC Soft Hit
23. PLC The Jungle Soul

As the name itself suggests, this sounds like the soul of the jungle. The mood it emanates is quite calming. I think it is a pluck that can be used for simple melodic lines. I used this preset in an electro-house project.

24. PLC Transient Limit
25. PLC VorteXX C

It is definitely one of the most vivid and colourful FL Studio samples that I could build. I have to admit that I can not always control the way I synthesize these presets. Depending on how I combine them, the results are different. In this case, I managed to create a well-balanced sound.

How to select these FL Studio samples in your music projects

Many music producers have quality FL Studio samples. The problem is that in some cases they fail to choose the right sounds. It’s difficult to give instructions on how to combine them. It all depends on the context. The solution is customizable according to your musical style.

That is why, even if you have quality samples, you still won’t be able to use them if you do not have the necessary knowledge. Choosing the right sounds is another subject. I will address such ideas in the future.

Download other FL Studio sample packs and presets for free

I still have 3 separate collections of free FL Studio samples on this site. Below, I will list a link to them. Moreover, you can download and test these sounds for free.

1. Beautiful Sounds – Download 10 free Toxic Biohazard Presets

2. Universal Bank – Download 25 free Toxic Biohazard Presets

3. Deluxe Edition – Download 32 free Toxic Biohazard Presets

Currently, I am making plans for releasing new presets in the future. I have already completed over 1100 Toxic Biohazard presets. A section with these will be added. There are also many other new sounds in making so stay tuned!

Tell me what FL Studio samples you would like me to create. Please leave a comment on this subject.

Download FREE 25 FL Studio Samples Pack!

I have uploaded another soundbank that contains 12 presets for Toxic Biohazard. It seems that the download link on YouTube wasn’t working, so I uploaded the link here. I suggest you watch the video presentation of these sounds.

Here is the content of this preset collection:

1. BAS Classic Analog
2. BAS Expansion Enable
3. BRS Cabaret Scene
4. BRS The Basic Corn
5. ETN Lead
6. FLT Minimalist
7. FNS Frozen Soul
8. LED Genius Thinking
9. LED Wrapping
10. PLC Gloomy Atmosphere
11. PLC Wood Core
12. PNO Polar Fantasy
13. SWO Andromeda Galaxy
14. SWO Walk in Clouds
15. VOX Another World
16. VOX Prayer Chorus

Therefore, download this sound collection called Producer SoundBank.

FL Studio Sample Pack Free Download (16 Toxic Biohazard Presets)

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      I listened to the song from the YouTube link. Could you tell me exactly which sound it is? Are all the sounds in this music project made with Toxic Biohazard?

      Toxic Biohazard can synthesize any sound in the project you sent. If you could give me more details, I will resynthesize it. Afterwards, I will send you the preset to your email address.
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