Which is the Most Popular Instrument in the World? 5 Examples


Which is the most popular instrument in the world: guitar, piano or violin?Do you know which is the most popular instrument?

It may be a classic subject, but still, it’s an interesting one.

You probably know that, before sound synthesis appeared, classic instruments were the most used, instruments that even our grandparents have heard about. The piano, the guitar, the whistle and many others were present in most songs, but gradually music took a different direction.

The great symphonies made by famous artists were composed using the piano, the violin or other similar instruments. The truth is that some old-fashioned musicians didn’t agree with sound synthesis, but the nonconformists adapted rapidly to this new trend.

Today I would like to speak about a few instruments which are the most used at the moment and which most likely will be used in the future as well.

Do you have any idea which instruments are the most popular?

I made a list of 5 musical instruments. These are extremely popular and I am convinced that many music enthusiasts have tried to play at least one of them. Practice represents one of the most important things when you want to become an excellent instrumentalist.

1. The piano

One of the most popular instrument in the world is pianoThe piano keys are my favourite ones. I first came in contact with these keys when I was 14, but back then I was merely playing.
I wasn’t interested to become a pianist because I liked the idea of music producer and sound engineer more.

Most likely the piano is the most used instrument.

Even though it’s such a classic and old instrument it’s so used lately.  I’m sure that you’ve attempted to play the piano at least once. Did you enjoy listening to the melody that you were making with your own hands?

In the future, I would like to purchase a MIDI Controller, and I’ve found one which is pretty cheap around 50 Euro.

It’s called Keystation mini32.Keystation mini32 it's a MIDI ControllerThe truth is that it helps you a lot. The dexterity of a melodic line can be felt when using the keys instead of the piano roll in FL Studio.

2. The guitarThe guitar is one of the most popular instruments, especially in rock styleThere was a time when the guitar was my favourite instrument as well. When I was 14 I made my guitar. Indeed, it wasn’t that good, but there are a lot of things that can be learned from simply playing. After a while, someone close to me gave me such an instrument.

It was an opportunity for me because I haven’t interacted with one before. The classic guitar is awesome, but I wasn’t so attracted to it either. The sad part is that the guitar is now on one of my wardrobes with a thick layer of dust on it because no one has touched it since.

I wasn’t attracted to becoming an instrumentalist.

I always preferred creating my sounds and finding out how I could emit emotions through them.

3. The flute

The whistle may not be the most popular instrument in the world, but many people still use itThere are a few instruments that I did always enjoy.

I always felt attracted to blowing instruments.

I will even launch such a sound bank in the future because this type of sound is being used in some music genres. Do you like how these sound? Do you know that warm and natural sound? That sound is the result of the blowing instruments.

I know artists capable of playing a lot of these instruments. I’ve even seen people playing 2 instruments simultaneously. You need a lot of practice, a certain talent and dexterity.

4. The accordionThe accordion may not be the most popular instrument in the world, but it is frequently used by musicians.The accordion is a popular instrument used in traditional music by many peoples. Why is it such a used instrument?

What makes it so special? Why do so many artists use it?

Do you remember the hit Stereo Love released a few years ago?

A song that initially felt like it had nothing special, but a lot of people did enjoy it.

Its melodic theme contained the sound.

The accordion is being used in a lot of musical projects, thus becoming a popular instrument. The first negative that I made had an accordion as the primary instrument, and even though it was a pretty old sample for me it sounded great back then.

5. The violinThe violin is the most popular instrument used in classical music.The sound emitted by the violin has a lot of refinement. In my opinion, it’s the most vibrant and warmest instrument. The violin sound is a natural and lyrical one, which is pretty hard to recreate using a digital synthesiser.

Even though it’s not one of my favourite instruments it’s still a symbol in music, all the symphonies and creations of the great composers. The violin sound is a traditional one with a timbre that can be recognised by any musician.

Have you decided which is the most popular instrument for you?

My favourite instrument is the piano, not because of its sound, but because of its keyboard as an instrument. Why do I prefer keys? Because they bring a lot of advantages.

If you have an electronic piano or a MIDI controller you can use any sound as a sampler if you know to play using the keys, which made them the most popular at the moment.

The history of traditional instruments is quite interesting. The classic old piano turned into nowadays’ analogue synthesiser.

Even further, a lot of people replaced the analogue synthesiser with the virtual one, which means that you can use a MIDI controller. Good, now I admit that I didn’t go in-depth with this subject, but if you are passionate leave a comment down below.

So, which musical instrument is your favourite and why?

What type of instrument would you prefer to learn? Perhaps you like wind instruments, musical instruments with strings, or maybe even the piano.

Have you learned to play any musical instrument so far?

I’m curious about your experience with it. I’m looking forward to reading your responses. Good luck finding your inspiration in music!

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