Top Ten Sad Songs (The Song One Day It’s #1)


This is my top ten sad song on Music Sensation

I would like to add something important to this article.

Each song has its unique state.

Music can be considered a language, a way of expressing yourself.

Through music, we can transmit emotions and messages. Music is a way of communication that has been here for ages.

Each song has its message.

If you want to read it or not it’s up to you. Some messages are stronger than others so they can get into your mind at a more profound level.

What if I would tell you that in this material I’m going to present you my personal top ten sad songs?

I haven’t made this top considering the lyrics.

The only message I considered is the one completely musical, transmitted by the song itself.

You know very well that when you are listening to a song, and it has a certain state most likely you will resonate with it.

If you listen to a sad song you will feel sad.

If you listen to something that has more energy, you will also feel better.

Music is a generator of emotional states!

This is a general truth. Using music we can change our emotional state.

There is a strong bond between music and human emotions, and this is why music was made for humans.

It’s amazing how much you can change your state using music.

When you want to change your emotional state you just need to listen to some music.

Not all music genres have the same effect on you.

I’ve listened to a lot of songs over time, but not many had that something that made me remember them.

This is my top, so please consider this and help me improve it.

If you have any suggestions please leave a comment in the comment section below.

Not all the songs will be very sad because the purpose of this article is not to make you cry.

A sad song can transmit a special message either through its lyrics or through its melodic line.

The top ten sad songs start with:

Sad Song #1 Arash Feat Helen – One Day

I‘m sure that this is one of the deepest songs I’ve ever listened to.

One Day is dedicated to lovers, and the feeling transmitted by this masterpiece is special.

Also, I would like to add that the video is so well made that it suits the song perfectly.

One Day creates an atmosphere where fantasy meets reality.

It gives you the feeling that it’s coming from another world.I recommend this song because I consider it to be a great song which deserves to be listened to.

The way that the great artists were able of making this song exceeded my expectations.

Sad Song #2 Arash feat Helen – Broken Angel (RMX)

Arash always met expectations.

Each song is made with a lot of passion and if you are a fan of his then you know what I’m talking about.

Broken Angel is a lyric song, with a dramatic melodic line, and the atmosphere of this song is very overwhelming.

Sincerely, I prefer the Dark Heaven Remix a lot more than the original song.

This is one of the best creations that I have stumbled upon.

Sad Song #3 Alan Walker – The Drum

The song by Alan Walker – The Drum has clearly become one of my favourites.

I really like the message it conveys and even the theme of the music video.

Furthermore, Alan Walker has become my favourite musical artist.

Top ten Sad Song #4 Alexander Base feat Frissco – Free

Frisco is another artist that loves his craft.

You can feel that from his songs.

Free is another song in which the voice is extraordinary.

The melodic part is awesome as well but I believe that it could be further improved.

Sad Song #5 New Beatz – Aztek Nektar

Even though New Beatz is not a well-known artist, I’ve included this song at the top for a certain reason.

I like very much the emotion that this progressive house track transmits.

I don’t know if you agree with me, but this song has something unique.

Those background sounds gave me the chills.

The top ten sad songs continue!

Sad Song #6 Alexander David – Searching for you

Searching for you is another song made by one of my friends.

The mixing is decent but the melodic line and the theme are also very interesting.

My friend used FL Studio with the VST Nexus (If you use Nexus 2 most likely you will recognise the native presets).

This project could be improved, but even though it’s not the best when it comes to it overall, the feeling and the energy transmitted by it are pretty deep.

Sad Song #7 Ellie White – Zi Ceva

Zi Ceva (Say Something) is a pretty new song.

The message transmitted is a pretty deep one, and the project has some harmony.

(Usually, when I listen to a song I pay very much attention to its melodic line, to see how much harmony it has, and the more it has the more I like it)

Sad Song #8 Gazebo – I Like Chopin’ (Dj Solovey Remix)

The song is a pretty old one, but still a great one.

After you’ve listened to the melodic line a few times it won’t get out of your mind.

Sincerely I’ve been thinking of remixing this song for some time, but I was unable to.

Most likely I will give it another try when I will be more experienced.

Sad Song #9 Adrian von Ziegler – Electronic Music – Pulse

Most likely you haven’t heard of Adrian von Ziegler.

He is a very gifted composer that makes instrumental music.

Although the song doesn’t have any lyrics, the emotions transmitted are very strong.

The way that Adrian von Ziegler transmits emotional states through his music is truly impressive.

We will surely post more of Adrian’s creations so stay tuned.

This is the last song in my top ten sad songs!

Sad Song #10 Delyno feat Park Place – I Have The World

You’ll be surprised by the fact that this song is not sad.

I’ve chosen it because the initial song is brilliant.

It’s the type of song that gives you the chills.

Can you guess what sound he used? It’s Digital Xylophone, a preset from Nexus.

Well, here are my top ten sad songs and I hope that you did enjoy them.

Most likely you will see that the songs have a deeper meaning than you initially thought.

If you know any other sad song please don’t hesitate and put it in the comment section down below.

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