Toxic Biohazard Presets: Free 50 Fantastic Sounds for You!


Last time, I offered you 10 Toxic Biohazard presets. You can listen to them in the YouTube video below in case you have missed them or if you are curious.

If you did enjoy the previous ones, then I have some good news.
Today, I’m back with a fresh collection of 25 free sounds. This pack is called Universal Bank. I’ve made a video presentation about them:

You can download this sound pack by scrolling at the end of the article.

Why are these Toxic Biohazard presets called Universal Bank?

I chose this name because you will find a diverse collection of sounds here. These sounds can be classified into 11 distinct categories. Universal Bank is a limited collection that aims to offer 25 sounds that can be used in different music genres.

How I created these Toxic Biohazards presets

The most important thing is to have the necessary sound-design skills. I rely on certain principles every time I build a sound. Then, you need a few tools that give you as many options as possible.

In FL Studio, I always combine the functionalities of Sytrus and Toxic Biohazard. With Sytrus, I can generate any waveform I want or need. The next step is to import those waveforms into Toxic Biohazard.

Some versions of FL Studio lets the user import the waveforms from Sytrus to Toxic Biohazard with drag and drop. The whole sound-design process takes place in Toxic Biohazard.

The technique starts by choosing suitable waveforms and then assembling them into a final preset. You are probably wondering why I chose Toxic Biohazard and not other virtual synthesizers.

Sure, there are many VSTs that offer a complete range of possibilities. Many of them may be more powerful than Toxic Biohazard.

Reasons why I synthesize sounds with Toxic Biohazard

Here are the advantages that I have noticed with Toxic Biohazard:

It is among the few synthesizers that have 6 oscillators.

This means a higher number of possibilities in synthesizing any sound texture. Calkewalk Z3ta is another virtual synthesizer that has 6 incorporated oscillators. Most synthesizers have a maximum of 4 oscillators.

The interface is intuitive and accessible.

Thanks to its accessibility, processing any sound generally takes less time. There are two benefits here: you save time and the level of effort you put in is lower.

The oscillators can be customized with any type of waveform.

Some virtual synthesizers do not have this option.

It is directly included in FL Studio.

If you already have FL Studio installed, then there is no need to waste time searching for other plugins.

Note: Toxic Biohazard is included in the FL Studio installation if you either buy the All Plugins Edition or if you buy Toxic Biohazard for FL Studio separately from here.

Toxic Biohazard is a generator that can synthesize an immense palette of sound textures.

As mentioned above, the 6 oscillators create a multitude of variations. Each additional oscillator almost exponentially multiplies the possibilities of sound synthesis. In addition, the plugin also has other additional options that extend the variety of the obtained results.

Here is the exact content of this free sound library:

• 2 bass sounds

1. Electro House Bass
2. Reaktor Bass

• 1 brass instrument
3. Saxophone BRS

• 1 ethnic instrument sound
4. ETN Lead has an oriental or ethnic sound character.

• 2 wind instruments

5. FLT Emanation Heaven falls into the category of wind instruments.

It is actually a hybrid between a traditional wind instrument and a synthesizer.
6. FLT Panda Sing sounds quite smooth and soft.

• 1 fantasy instrument

7. FNS The Dark Heaven could be used as the main instrument for the melody line.

• 1 pad
8. PAD Sleeping

• 1 pluck
9. PLC Rustic Ambience sounds very similar to PLC Resonant Xylophone, which is included in the previous collection called Beautiful Sounds. I am curious if you downloaded and tested the Beautiful Sounds library.

If yes, do not hesitate and leave a comment below with your thoughts on it.

• 2 piano sounds

10. PNO Balkanic is an example of a synthesized piano. Of course, here we don’t have a pure piano, but a combination of classic piano sound and synthesizer sound.

11. PNO Polar Fantasy is similar to Balkanic PNO.

• 4 sawtooth sounds (Sawoid Sounds)
The name I chose for this category is Sawoid.

The name Sawoid is chosen because these presets are based on sawtooth waveforms. Of course, you can call them Sawoid or Sawtooth as you wish.

What character do Sawoid sounds have?

In general, they are well-defined sounds that are very suitable for music styles such as dance, trance & house.

12. SWO Burning All
13. SWO Crying Away
14. SWO Drops can be successfully used in a music genre like trance. It’s not very sophisticated, but it sounds powerful, clear, and well-defined.

15. SWO Smooth Transition is one of my favourite presets. To achieve this result, I configured a connection between LFO 1 and Glide Time.

You will see that the value of this parameter decreases and increases at certain moments. The same thing happens with oscillator number 6.

You will notice how the energy of that oscillator decreases and increases at certain moments.

• 5 VOX sounds

I have always been fascinated by the idea of reproducing the human voice through a synthesizer. That’s why I created this category called VOX. Here, you will find 5 vocal sounds that sound similar to the human voice.

I would add that they resemble the voices of choir singers.

16. VOX Endless has a very optimistic and simple tone.
17. VOX Life Dimension sounds more subdued and is mainly built from mid-frequencies.

The first 6 harmonics contain more energy than all the others.

I have reduced much of the energy of the high frequencies. That’s why if you need a sound without brightness, you can select this one.

18. VOX Nirvana Soul
19. VOX Realistic Song is a sound with more personality.

I have already selected this Toxic Biohazard preset in Arash and Helena’s One Day instrumental. It is my version of the melody of the song One Day.

My intention in this context was to replace the human voice with a VOX.

20. VOX Signature Vocal contains a robotic imprint. It represents a hybrid between a vocalization and a synthesizer influence.

• 5 virus sounds

The Toxic Biohazard presets that begin with the acronym VRS are called viruses. These viruses are suitable for music styles such as dance, electro, and even dubstep. Viruses generally have a harsher character.

They can be characterized as industrial, electric and impulsive sounds. Results of this type can only be obtained through a synthesizer.

You will find in the Toxic Biohazard presets the 5 virus sounds listed below. All of these can be used as main sounds in your music projects.

21. VRS Dangerous Destroyer is perfect for electro house. It is extremely brutal and powerful.
22. VRS Digital Generator sounds classic and simple. It is a virus with lower intensity.

However, it still contains the electric signature specific to virus sounds.

23. VRS Electro Machine
24. VRS Engine Power
25. VRS Mortal Kombat is practically a little monster.

It doesn’t sound extremely aggressive and can be successfully included in a house song.

Have you tried these Toxic Biohazard presets?

I am curious to hear your impressions of the Universal Bank. I have also released another 32 Toxic Biohazard presets.

The fourth series of Toxic Biohazard presets is called Deluxe Pluckeds. It contains an additional 25 plucks that you can download instantly.

In the future, I will release more free sound libraries. If you have specific preferences, I will focus in that direction. I invite you to leave a comment telling me what type of sounds you would like me to synthesize.

Stay tuned because I will soon publish new preset banks. I intend to turn this site into a library of samples that will assist and inspire music producers. The download link also includes a PDF with complete instructions for installing the Toxic Biohazard presets.


Download Here Toxic Biohazard Presets: Universal Bank

I have just added a new Toxic Biohazard Presets SoundBank 2023 collection containing 25 more presets. Here’s what this sound library contains:

• 1 bass
• 1 brass
• 3 dubstep sounds
• 1 dark ambience sound
• 2 fantasies
• 1 lead
• 1 organ
• 7 plucks
• 1 piano
• 1 SCI-FI sound
• 1 SFX
• 3 sawtooth sounds
• 2 viruses

Here you can listen the presentation:

This is a new package that can also be downloaded below:

Download Here Toxic Biohazard SoundBank 2023

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