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We are sociable and transparent, so you can find us on our social accounts.

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Even if our site is about music, I believe that you can explain a lot of things through images. This is why we have a Pinterest account! On Pinterest, you can find a lot of screen-shots with VSTs, practical examples and many other things. I believe that images should be used in any domain.

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Usually, we are a lot more active on Facebook than on Twitter. 

On Twitter, we mostly post articles from the blog. Stay tuned to everything we do!

The blog’s email address:

If you want to write for our blog, or you simply have some awesome ideas, then contact us.  Our blog’s email address is

I am still a big fan of e-mail, so send us an e-mail and we can talk. If you are on this page then probably you want to know us better. These are our accounts:

1. YouTube Channel

Initially, this was my account.

I’ve posted some of my early attempts, but we turned them into our blog’s channel at Vlad’s suggestion. Here we post tutorials, new songs, and demos to our sound banks. YouTube is my favourite because a lot of people like to listen to music on YouTube. On YouTube, most artists can promote their songs to millions or even billions of fans.

2. SoundCloud Cloud

Another one of my channels is on SoundCloud.

I made this account later than the one on YouTube, but sincerely, I do like this site. What I do like about SoundCloud is that it doesn’t have a dislike button.  If you do like a song you can press on the heart (like). This can be considered an advantage in comparison with YouTube, the fact that you can’t get a dislike.

3. MixCloud Channel

I have a friend that constantly posts remixes on MixCloud because they don’t ask for ownership of the songs. Anyone can freely post their remixes, and they will never be deleted even though you do not own them. Ok, so these are the channels on which you can find us. Usually, we respond fast to e-mails because we are online most of the time.

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