Which FL Studio Project Should I Finish? I Want Your Opinion!


I have multiple FL Studio projects in progress. Which ones do you recommend I focus on completing first?Hello, I would like your opinion on which of my FL Studio project I should finish. I value your input greatly, and I’m excited to share a few of my music stubs with you. As an artist, I’ve had many musical ideas, but only a few turned out great.

A friend once told me that if 1 out of 10 ideas is great, then I’m good at my craft.

I believe in only publishing good ideas and learning from failed attempts. Many artists reach their highest potential with a hit and then ‘disappear’ for a while. With that in mind, let’s get to the soundtracks.

FL Studio Project #1: “Feelings Blue – Electro Dance Remix”

This electro attempt features well-chosen sounds and a dynamic electro-bass. The theme is simplistic, and while I’ve improved my melodic lines, I still struggle to create something very complex. However, a complex melodic line isn’t necessarily a good one. I invite you to listen to it and provide feedback.

FL Studio Project #2: “Guardian of Night”

This track has a simplistic melodic line but becomes more complex with arpeggios. It evokes a nostalgic sensation and is based on harmony. I did my best to create a warm, strong, and balanced sound, but I would appreciate your feedback on it.

FL Studio Project #3: “Dark Joker – Electro-Dance Version”

This track has an Electro House vibe and is one of my first attempts. It features a simplistic melodic line and is even simpler than the others. I posted it on YouTube before Christmas and was proud of it at the time. I invite you to listen to it and give me your thoughts.

FL Studio Project #4: “Happyness – Love Design”

This track started as a poor idea but improved with time. It has the best mastering I’ve ever done but may be missing something. The theme and melodic line might be too simple and repetitive. I’m hoping you could provide some feedback on what I could add to improve it.

FL Studio Project #5: “The End of Story”

This track highlights the harmonics, but there’s room for improvement. It took me 4 hours to materialize the idea, and a DJ suggested that I work on improving it before sharing my work. Now, I’m curious about which track I should finish.

Do you believe they’re worth the time and effort? I’m looking forward to your response and any suggestions you might have. Lastly, don’t forget to practice and keep improving! Don’t call them dreams; call them goals!

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