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These are the terms and conditions for using the Music Sensation website at themusicsensation.comWelcome to the Music Sensation blog!

Here are our rules and guidelines to ensure good collaboration between visitors and site authors:

1. Content Ownership

Music Sensation owns all content on this site. Copying articles without contacting the writer, sharing files without permission, and selling files owned by Music Sensation in mp3 or wave format are strictly prohibited. Any form of manipulating content is also penalized by Google. Taking content, spinning, or copying in any other way is not permitted.

2. Visitor Behavior

We expect all visitors to follow basic rules. No swearing, personal attacks, or off-topic discussions are allowed. Spamming is also forbidden. Irrelevant links will be automatically deleted. When posting a comment, please provide as many details as possible and add proof or arguments when necessary.

3. Information Usage

We are not responsible for how you use the information found on this blog. The information found on this blog is informative, instructive, and incentive. We can modify any information on this site without notifying anyone. We are not responsible for the quality of the sources we mention in the links.

4. Site Sabotage

Any attempt to sabotage the site will be considered fraud. Sabotage includes using programs to find out the passwords of the admins and alter data, bringing any impairment to the server that hosts the site, and using bad SEO. We will sue anybody that tries to sabotage the site through any means.

5. No Piracy

Music Sensation does not support any piracy. We discourage software cracking, file piracy, and music piracy. We will delete any content that has a link to such a file. If you have any claims regarding this site, please send them in an email to admin@themusicsensation.com.

Thank you for understanding!

Tibrea Marian, Eindhoven, Netherlands

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