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Hello, I'm Marian from themusicsensation.comHello!

My name is Marian, and I’m 28 years old. One of my greatest passions is music, and I’ve been composing since I was 11.

While my early compositions weren’t serious, I’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge over the years that I want to share with you on this blog.

My goal is to provide you with insight into a sound that you won’t find anywhere else online. Music is one of the most profound domains, in my opinion. It has an unmatched personality.

I want to delve into the sound properties and analyze them, exploring what lies beneath modern music.

At present, my music-making is more of a hobby than a profession, but I’ve recently begun to transform my hobby into a blog that will undoubtedly attract and inspire many readers.

What are my passions?

I have a broad range of interests, but my main passions include art, drawing, literature, psychology, personal development, and music. Music is, without a doubt, at the top of my list. I’m constantly searching for information that will help me improve day by day. I enjoy stimulating my creativity and exploring various ways to increase my inspiration.

How did I start making music?

When I was 11 years old, I began composing music on a phone. While it may sound amusing to some, that was my first experience with music production. I received basic music theory instruction when I was 12 and acquired a synthesizer at the age of 18, which was a Yamaha E203 that still works wonderfully.

After a while, I experimented with my first music software on a computer, Melody Assistant. It was tough to work with, so I moved on to LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio), which is the best freeware for music production. Still, those programs didn’t offer as many features as I hoped, so I continued searching for something better.

My first interaction with professional software!

Approximately ten years ago, I discovered FL Studio, a piece of software that I truly liked. It was completely new to me, and I was blown away. It felt like a new world had opened up in front of my eyes. I was so curious that I worked hard until I reached a level at which I could teach others.

After a few months, on November 7th, 2012, I uploaded my first attempt to YouTube.

I was extremely excited at the time, but I had no idea how much I had to learn. I shared a few of my projects and met a music engineer who guided me at the beginning. When he heard that I was interested in sound design, he told me that some people had been modelling the same sound for over 30 years!

Just imagine what it would be like to design the same sound for years and still be unsure if you’ve achieved the desired outcome. It would be a nightmare. It gave me some doubts, but it didn’t discourage me; quite the opposite.

I kept experimenting, and after thousands of hours of training, step by step, I discovered techniques that truly surprised me. I will share all of them in future articles. You don’t need years, weeks, or even days to make a sound. However, if you want to produce something of quality, it will most likely take a few good hours.

Some sounds can be created in a matter of minutes and still sound fantastic, but they won’t be as complex.

What is the purpose of this blog?

I want to do something that only a few are willing to do – show you everything about sound design. While there are many high-quality tutorials on the internet, few focus on this aspect of music production. My goal is to explain how to create a sound from scratch, step-by-step, without relying on excessive filtering or equalizing.

The truth is that every complex sound is based on a simple theory.

To demonstrate my expertise, I have shared a few presets that I have created using my favourite plugin, Toxic Biohazard. I have yet to find a better plugin, and I am always open to discoveries. If music is your passion and you want to take it to the next level, then you have come to the right place.

Our blog specializes in helping producers become more inspired and creative. If you follow our materials and articles and keep practising, you will soon see results.

My objective is to create a community focused on music production.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information out there, or if you’re not sure where to begin, we can help. Whether you’re looking to make music your career or simply want to improve your skills, we have something for you. I’m curious to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Additionally, I would love to know what topics you would like me to cover in this blog.

Thank you for reading!

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