FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When it comes to music, there are a lot of questions, so I’ve decided to create this page. I’ve listed the most common questions. If you believe that there should be something added, then tell me in a comment. Here are the most asked questions:

1. Which is the best virtual instrument?

I‘ve written an article about this subject. There is no such thing as ‘the best VST’.  Each one has its pros and cons, and each one fits better in a certain music genre or context than the others.

2. What’s the best way of getting sounds?

The sounds are a producer’s tool, so he needs to have some at his disposal. There are many ways of getting sounds. Here are the biggest sound producers:

• Prime Loops
• Loopmaster
• Samplephonics
• ProducerLoops

3. How can I get drum samples?

This is a useful question. Each producer can find his samples in a certain way. I’ve written about getting drum samples in this article.

4. Which is the best DAW?

This is another classic music producer debate. I believe that there is no such thing as the “best DAW”. A program can be very accessible(it’s very important). Another one has more possibilities.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been using FL Studio. If you have any questions regarding it then please don’t hesitate. What can I say about FL Studio? It is a very accessible program with a lot of possibilities. It can import external VSTs and has a user-friendly interface. Even some celebrities use it.

5. How can I become an excellent music producer?

This is the best question so far. I’m certain that you want to become a top producer. No doubt, everyone wants this. I want to ask you a single question: how much do you want this? Are you willing to do everything it takes to achieve this? If yes, then you have the right mentality.

In my opinion, these are the qualities of a music producer:

• accumulated experience with sound
• long-term determination
• giving attention to details

Experience and knowledge about sound are everything. Don’t expect to become a good music producer if you don’t have the necessary knowledge. The truth is that not many producers know that much about sound. This is why I’ve created Music Sensation. 

6. How can you be successful in a short amount of time?

Many people give up because they want to be successful fast. The reality is that success doesn’t come overnight. It takes some time until you create your musical style. I’ve written an article about this. I’m hoping that it will answer some of your questions.

These are the frequently asked questions. I’m sure that there are others. Please leave a comment and we will discuss this. I believe that any problem has a solution. If you have any questions, you can send me at this email address: admin@themusicsensation.com.

Good luck finding your inspiration in music! I’m looking forward to your response.

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