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Do you want to write for This is the guest post page.Guest Posting rules on Music Sensation!

I‘m always open-minded, so guest posting is one of my priorities. If you like my articles, and you love music, then you are in the right place. Before that, I would like you to read the following conditions carefully. If your article meets all the requirements, then send it to

Here are my requirements:

1. Full SEO optimisation

The article that you are going to send should be optimised for SEO. Before you start writing, search for a keyword. It doesn’t matter what word you choose as long as it’s related to music. The only thing that matters is that it should appear in the title, subtitle and at least 4-5 times in the content itself.

2. Originality and clarity

The material should be original and it should bring something new to the readers so that they could learn something useful. I don’t want articles that don’t really say anything, or articles that speak about things in general. Try writing short and pr ecise phrases.

3. Images or practical examples

I want the article to contain at least one image or practical examples. It’s not mandatory, but I recommend the usage of images to improve the reader’s experience. The article should be music related.

4. The article must be about music. I don’t accept any other subject.

Attention! If you are writing about music hardware/equipment then it’s all right. I want the content to be music related.

5. The article should have at least 1.000 words!

I don’t accept materials that have less than 1.000 words. It would be ideal if it would have over 1.500 words. If I like the style and writing technique I’m willing to accept even shorter articles, but I will not accept articles below 800 words. I believe that short material is cursory. You can’t express yourself in just 300 or 400 words.

Google prefers sites with a lot of content over sites with short articles.

6. The material must be original!

If you send me an article I want you to make sure that it is not copied. I will dismiss any copied material instantly. Remember rule #2 – Originality! Also, the article that you are sending me must not be posted anywhere else.

7. I only accept free guest posts!

I don’t want to pay for a guest post. I don’t buy articles and I don’t sell links yet. I want a quality article, and you will receive a link for it. For the link you get to choose the following:

• you can choose the page of your site we will be linking to
you can choose the position of your link
you can choose the anchor text where the link will appear

Allow me to reassure you that:

I‘m a serious person. After you’ve set your link it will never be modified. Also, the link will never be deleted or replaced! I’ve heard of cases where after finishing the collaboration the webmaster would simply delete the link! Another thing that I would like to promise you is that I will promote the article on my Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Do you need some help with the guest post?

If you are a beginner and you have some good ideas then it’s a good thing, but you might have some problems when you start writing. Here are a few tips that will help you:
Start with the essential – make a list with all the points you need to reach.

Another idea would be to start with a summary, then keep adding ideas to it, and go into detail.

This way you won’t lose the subject in the process. If you don’t know what title to choose then let me give you a few suggestions. I like titles like:

how to make music
10 ways of creating harmony
• practical tutorials in FL Studio or in another DAW

In general, these types of titles are good and most people use them.

Let me give you a few more tips. When you are writing an article try to do the following:

• look from different standpoints
• bring proof like using numbers or sources
• prove that you know what you are talking about

These are my conditions regarding guest posting. The things I’m asking for are quite reasonable. I believe that I’ve told you everything I know about guest postings. There are other ways of collaborating though. The only condition is that your site is eligible.

Other ways of collaborating besides guest posting!

If you are interested we could trade banners or links. I have a page called BlogRoll where I add sites that I collaborate with. Also, we could trade links in the sidebar. I add a link to your site and you add one to mine. I only add links to sites that have music content!

I’ve tried to cover all the details of all the possible collaborations.

If there is something you want to ask, then please contact me at

Good luck and thank you for your attention!
webmaster at Music Sensation.

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