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download now 32 toxic biohazard presets for your library

Hello and welcome back. Today, I am offering you 32 Toxic Biohazard presets for free. This sound collection is called “Deluxe Edition”. First, I invite you to listen to the YouTube presentation of this collection:

If you liked it, then the next step is to download the entire library.

The concept that best defines the Deluxe Edition collection

I chose this name because the Toxic Biohazard presets are very refined. Most of the free presets and samples are of lower quality.

That is why such a package will motivate some FL Studio users to find inspiration. Any suggestions related to sound synthesis are welcome in the comments.

If you want me to create certain types of sounds, then I invite you to send me a message. On this site, there are still 3 more free sound libraries.

The smallest package is called Beautiful Sounds. It contains only 10 Toxic Biohazard presets. Here is the presentation associated with these presets in the following video:

The second sound bank contains 25 Toxic Biohazard presets. The collection is called Universal Bank.

Next, I will present the third collection which also includes 25 presets for Toxic Biohazard. Listen to the following video for Deluxe Pluckeds:

Returning to the Deluxe Edition, I will list the sounds for you. Moreover, I will describe certain presets that I found most interesting.

Here is what this sound library containing 32 Toxic Biohazard presets includes
This sound library contains 25 free Toxic Biohazard presets• 1 bass sound

1. BAS Expansion Enabled

• 2 bell sounds
2. BEL Bells Ring
3. BEL Stained Glass is recommended for Christmas carols. You will notice that I added a sequencer that sounds like a Christmas song.

You probably already know that Toxic Biohazard has a customizable sequencer.

• 1 brass sound
4. BRS Nocturnal Cabaret sounds vibrant because I added that tremolo effect. In simpler terms, tremolo is a variation in the pitch of a musical sound.

• 6 ethnic sounds

ETN is an abbreviation that comes from the term “ethnic”. These are sounds inspired by Oriental folklore.

5. ETN Arabic Instrumentation sounds different compared to other Toxic Biohazard presets. I reduced the fundamental harmonic and achieved this result.

6. ETN Dream Realistic Guitar is a texture between a preset with an oriental influence and the classic sound of a guitar. It sounds quite realistic, and comprehensive, and covers most of the sound spectrum.

7. ETN Keyword Nepal

8. ETN Magic Kingdom is probably the best-defined sound in this collection. I just want to say that it has shine and covers the entire frequency band.

9. ETN Silk Road
10. ETN Sitar Strings

• 6 flute sounds
The vibrant and warm sounds produced by wind instruments sound the most realistic.

Being a big fan of these, I decided to include 6 presets of this type here.
11. FLT Amazon Forest is definitely one of the most refined synthesized flutes using the Toxic Biohazard instrument.
12. FLT Deep Forest sounds very soft in the high-frequency range.

I completed the sound spectrum using some white noise traces.
13. FLT Sempervirescence
14. FLT Sweet Grove
15. FLT Tradition Tokyo is a combination of a puck and a synthesized flute sound.

As the name suggests, this preset has an influence from Asian sounds.
16. FLT Unicorn

• 4 fantasy sounds
The sounds in the fantasy category sound particularly interesting.

17. FNS Celebrating the Day
18. FNS Cold Weather sounds cold and gloomy. It is composed of a low number of harmonics.
19. FNS Eternal Dreamer

20. FNS Lost in Ocean is truly nostalgic. It is a sound that seems to awaken strong memories from the past.

• 1 guitar sound
21. GTR Acoustic Guitar is a classical guitar sampler. It sounds realistic, warm, and contains few transients.

• 1 lead sound
22. LED Feines Basszeugs

• 1 organ sound
23. ORG Champagne Sparkling

• 2 pluck sounds
24. PLC Madagascar belongs to the house style. I added a little dissonance to the transients to make the sound more interesting.
25. PLC Woody Print

• 5 sawtooth sounds
26. SWO Greatness Harmony
27. SWO Panda Paint

28. SWO Panda Series
29. SWO Strong Print
30. SWO Xenon Series is one of my favourite presets.

The construction of this sound started by modeling a sawtooth waveform to which I added a 30% glide time effect. Later, I completed the high-frequency spectrum with white noise.

In the end, I obtained a sawtooth in which the energy of the medium frequencies predominates. You will notice that the high frequencies sound silky because I added a slight phaser effect.

• 2 virus sounds
31. VRS Freaking World is a bit horrific. I would associate it with a thriller movie soundtrack.
32. VRS Lost in The Matrix is a dull sound that fits very well in the background.

How I built these Toxic Biohazard presets

If you follow me, you probably know that I use a combination of Sytrus and Toxic Biohazard. I have already mentioned this aspect in the previous article.

Indeed, the experience you have with sound synthesis matters a lot. If you are interested in this field, I recommend following the Music Sensation blog. I write detailed tutorials on music production, sound design, and audio mixing.

The 5 characteristics that a high-quality sound contains

I assume that you have downloaded a lot of samples from the internet by now. Surely you have noticed that only a few of them exceed excellent quality. Some samples just sound better than others.

Now, not all sounds have to contain all five qualities at once.

1. Balance
Our goal is to build a sound composed of elements that are in balance. I consider this to be a characteristic that should never be missing from an audio mix.

2. Clarity
Clarity is essential in any musical composition. It can be achieved after eliminating all impurities from that structure.

3. Harmony
The sound textures used should blend in a harmonious way. However, not all sounds are intended to create harmony. Other sounds simply have a different role, namely to complete the frequency spectrum of the audio mix.

4. Power
As music producers, we want to obtain as powerful sounds as possible. Now, it always depends on the context of the mix. In certain situations, we need better-defined sounds that stand out. In other cases, more closed sounds are required to remain in the background.

5. Contour
Here we refer to the frequency range that the sound covers. A sound texture that sounds shiny will contain almost the entire range of frequencies.

These are the five main characteristics that make up any sound. We adjust these characteristics as the need arises. Some types of sounds fit better in certain contexts than others.

I’m sure this list has helped you better analyze a preset or sampler. Now you can make a selection from your own sound collections. I think it would help you a lot to clean them up.

I invite you to download and test the free Toxic Biohazard preset library. Next time, I will be back with a completely new collection of sounds.

What will this collection contain? For now, it remains a surprise. I wish you a lot of inspiration in music production. Enjoy!

Download here the 32 Toxic Biohazard presets (Download link)

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