Download 10 FREE Beautiful Sounds for Toxic Biohazard VST


download 10 free toxic biohazard presets by, I am offering 10 beautiful sounds that can be downloaded for free. These are essentially 10 presets that can be opened with Toxic Biohazard. In case you did not know, this is a virtual synthesizer from FL Studio. I have also included a PDF with the installation instructions for these sounds.

In what genres of music can these Toxic Biohazard presets be used? I will clearly answer this question by providing a description for each sound. Most of them can be used in music genres such as house, dance or trance.

Why is this collection called Beautiful Sounds?

I chose this name because the presets I am offering are very polished. For starters, I recommend listening to the video presentation of this collection.

The video presentation is simple. I added some simple melodic lines to demonstrate how these beautiful presets sound. If you like them, you can download the archive by accessing the button at the end of this article. If they match your musical style, you can include them in your music projects.

List of 10 free beautiful sounds for your library:

In the future, I will probably release libraries that will include only a certain category of sounds. For now, the current collection is more diverse and contains sounds from several categories. Let’s start with the first category.

• 1 crystalline sound

1. BEL Deep Dreams is a sound I recently worked on. I think it would fit very well in a Christmas song. However, the context in which you add this sound matters more.

• 1 ethnic sound
2. ETN Tribal Percussion

If you want an old and interesting atmosphere, I would recommend this sound. Its texture resembles the oriental style of music. It kind of sounds like metal percussion, but it is a very good choice if you want to make something oriental.

• 2 plucked-type sounds

3. PLC Resonant Xylophone

To be honest, I haven’t put a lot of effort into perfecting this sound.
However, it has a distinct and warm tone that sounds quite realistic. It’s particularly effective in slow and soothing songs, creating a magical atmosphere. Whenever I test it out, it always reminds me of nature and evokes a lovely feeling.

4. PLC Inside Clouds

In the house music genre, these types of sounds are predominant.
I consider it one of the most successful presets I have created. The result obtained can be spectacular even when you combine a few harmonics. Later, I added a little reverb effect to simulate a 3D effect.

• 1 sawtooth-type sound
5. SWO Beautiful Saws

Certainly another epic vibration! This has a powerful resonance and it surprises even more with the equilibrium that it has. Using these types of sounds you can create some unique harmonics. I’m sure that this would be well-suited for multiple music genres.

• 3 VOX-type sounds

6. VOX Aqua Cristal
I think it’s a sound that sounds spectacular. I’m not sure what music genre you could classify it in. Of course, I could say that it is a very beautiful and well-textured sound.

7. VOX Player Chorus

Initially, I wanted to include this preset in the “Sawoid” category, but even though it sounds different, I’ve put it in the “VOX” category.
I’ve used more of the detuned effect on the high middles and the result was spectacular! It gives a wonderful atmosphere. It’s certainly a lovely sound which I’m sure you will enjoy.

8. VOX Voxenn Voice

There was a time when I really enjoyed synthesizing human voices. Of course, I still enjoy it. This sound is just a small part of what I have created. The human voice cannot be fully reproduced or synthesized with Toxic Biohazard. The sound has a different structure, and in my opinion, it sounds very good.

I have no idea what music genre it could be used in, but that is not a problem. You can experiment with it.

• 2 virus-like sounds
9. VRS Whispers
It is a “virus” sound that is very different from all the other sounds on this list. It is a very complex sound, well-textured and made up of multiple oscillators.

10. VRS Secret Sanctuary
I have already used this sound in one of my music projects.

Here, I used VRS Secret Sanctuary as the main sound. The melody line is repetitive and simple. This preset only appears at certain moments that I chose to accentuate. Definitely, Beautiful Sounds is just one of the free sound banks.

I have released three more libraries for Toxic Biohazard. I will continue to present these sound collections.
Universal Bank – Download 25 presets for Toxic Biohazard here

Deluxe Edition – Download 32 free presets for Toxic Biohazard here

Deluxe Pluckeds – Download 25 presets for Toxic Biohazard here

Have you tested this collection of beautiful sounds? Please leave a comment below. Your feedback is very important to me. What other types of sounds would you like me to synthesize?

Download here 10 Beautiful Sounds for Toxic Biohazard VST!

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