Free VST-How to Score a Free Copy of Cyclop from Sugar Bytes


A step-by-step guide from on how to get a free VST plugin.How can you get any VST for free? Do you want free VST?

Today I will show you how to obtain any VST that you would normally have to pay, for free.

Let me reassure you that I didn’t get this software through any of the following methods:

  • finding a torrents
  • using a bug
  • hacking
  • crack
  • software that generates serials

Get free VST, by following these easy 3 steps:

1. Contact the authors

2. Tell them about your abilities in sound-design

3. Tell them that you want to make a full review, and ask for the VST

The solution is to make a full review of that VST. That’s the only way of obtaining it for free.

You need a good tactic though. You can’t simply ask for a VST.

Sincerely, you need experience and knowledge in this domain. You need to impress the producer with your abilities.

Now I will show you step by step how did I get Cyclop.

how to get a free vst: Sugar Bytes CyclopSugar Bytes Cyclop is an extremely sophisticated VST. It has many functions and synthesis possibilities.

You can’t compare it with anything else on the market. The creators were very inspired.

The design is astounding. Working with Cyclop was awesome (for me at least).

I will post soon the review I’ve made for it as well, so stay tuned, because it will be very useful material.

The first step is to contact the producer.

Go to their site. Look after the contact page, or after an e-mail.

I’ve found the e-mail, so I wrote one, in which I asked for the product, giving a review in exchange.

Don’t think that you will get a VST for free just like that. You need a good strategy.

I gave them material to prove that I do possess the knowledge.The email that I sent to Sugar Bytes CyclopI received an e-mail from Sugar Bytes soon after, with the plug-in included.The email that I received from Sugar BytesSugar Bytes Cyclop costs 99€.

I will send them the link after I’m done with the review (as they asked).

This way I will make a good impression.The presentation page of the Sugar Bytes Cyclop VSTYou might be asking yourself what did the producers from Sugar Bytes gain by giving me the product for free to test it?

Receiving a review is very important.

When the product has good reviews the customers will be more likely to buy it.

The purpose of each company is to facilitate their relationships with its customers.

If you know what a product is capable of, then you won’t hesitate to buy it.

Get free VST! Write a review!

Getting the VST was the easy part. Making a review is not as easy.

You don’t know how to make one? I have the solution.

Based on the following criteria I make my review:

7 ways of making a professional review for a VST!How to write a VST review in seven easy steps.1. Read the instructions (the PDF)

2. Watch tutorials for that VST

3. Work with that VST

4. Create a sound bank to show how it works

5. Collect the best sounds made with that VST and make a presentation with them

6. Highlight its qualities

7. Don’t hold back when sharing information. Make a full review.

I’ve studied many blogs that had music production as their main subject.

Some of them presented just some technical facts. I consider that type of review to be very shallow.

You have to prove that you’ve actually worked with it.

Each virtual instrument is unique and has its special features. You have to tell the reader how it can be used and how it works.

Follow these steps and get free VST!

1. Read the instructions.

In order to do that, you need to get the PDF. Go to Google and type yourvstname.pdf.Looking for guidance on how to use Sugar Bytes Cyclop with the help of the manual.Most of the time you will get the link instantly. If you can’t find it go to the producer’s site and look for it.

Any VST comes with instructions.

What does a PDF have to give?

• the functions of the VST
• how does each parameter work

Each guide needs to explain all the parameters in detailThe instruction manual in PDF format for Sugar Bytes Cyclop.2. Watch tutorials for that VST

You need to understand how to make a preset. The VST brands usually do have a YouTube channel.

I haven’t met a company that doesn’t have such a channel yet.

You can find some of them even on SoundCloud.

Here is how I did:

The next step is to watch these tutorials and reproduce what you are learning step by step.

This is about effects:

3. Test all the functions of the virtual instrument

Many virtual instruments work in a similar way.

If you’ve worked with a VST before then you won’t have any problem.

In my case, Cyclop was different. I needed to make a lot of tests in order to understand it.

You should understand what happens when you change each parameter.

Some extra tutorials will come in handy if there are things that you didn’t understand yet.

4. Create a sound bank to show how it works

Be diligent!

Create your own sound collection.

You don’t need to make one that has 800 presets. You can make 10-20 presets fast.

Write in your review how did you make those presets.

Explain each thing step by step. Show them the relationship between cause and effect.

You will give more credibility.

5. Collect the best sounds of this VST and make a presentationSound library for Sugar Bytes CyclopMaybe learning a VST is not that easy.

You don’t want to make presets? Here is the alternative. Test all the presets.

Collect only the best, and make a presentation.Open all the sound banks in Sugar Bytes CyclopProve that the VST can make high-quality sounds. You can present them in a video clip.

This idea came to me today. I will collect the best presets for Toxic Biohazard and make a presentation with them.

6. Show the qualities of that VST

The producers will be more willing to send you their products if you are able of highlighting the best things in a VST.

Make a list with them. You can use my criteria:

• What type of sounds can it make
• Ease of use (how easily can it be mastered)
• Design (how good does it look)

And more. Add your own criteria.

7. Make a full review

You should take each function from A to Z, and write everything about them.

The truth is that a professional review takes time.

How many parameters does Cyclop have? A few hundred. I don’t need to take all of them.

You can write about each category: oscillators, filters, master envelope, etc.

You may think that getting the torrent is much easier. You might be saying that you don’t have to work so much.

Why should you do it?

• If you’ve made a full review and made a good impression you might get a second product(an update of this product, or a new one).

• You learn more things about instruments and sound.
• You make a good reputation.

Working with cracked VST is not good.

I‘ve read something funny on the internet recently, stating that producers like Avicii use software obtained illegally.

This doesn’t make sense. Why would I obtain it in such a way when I have so much money?

Is it good to be a hacker nowadays? I don’t believe that this is healthy behaviour.

You should try this method. It’s free, and the time and energy you invest in it will be worth it.

What do you think about this method?

You might say that I have a site about music production which gives me an advantage, while you are just a webmaster.

You don’t need a site about music production. You only need advanced knowledge.

Can you get any VST on the internet for free?

You also need a lot of perseverance. Now I will give you the homework.

Use this method and tell me if it worked. Get free VST!

I’m looking forward to your comments. Tell me how did you manage to get a VST using it.

Make sure to read the Cyclop review. I will upload it soon! Enjoy!

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