Nexus Presets Review (Proof That Nexus Can Create Hits!)


Here you can see a soundbank from reFX NexusDid you use Nexus presets in your songs?

Maybe Nexus it’s not the best VST but it surely is the most accessible.

I will give you some material just to prove that Nexus can be used to create hits, and most of the presets that come with Nexus have been used in many commercial songs.

I have a lot of friends that use Nexus, most of them as the primary VST.

The large amount of sounds that you can find in its sound banks is another advantage.

I believe that those sounds can be used in various genres of music, genres as dance, hip-hop, electro, pop, etc.

Even though I’ve pointed out a lot of disadvantages that this plug-in has in the past, in this article I will promote it.

Proof that the presets from Nexus’s sound banks can create hits

I‘ve stumbled upon many songs that had one or more presets from Nexus, most of them commercial songs.

Here you can see a Nexus preset that has been used in 2 hits:

This is the second example:

Both songs start with a preset from Nexus.

The preset is called Digital Xylophone, and it’s a pretty popular preset.

Recently I even found a track by Armin van Buuren in which you could hear a Nexus preset.

On the official reFX Nexus site you can even find some commercials made by Armin van Buuren and David Guetta.

You probably know that the best way to promote a product is to bring someone well-known in the domain to promote it.

Why do you think there are so many commercials presented by stars or famous people?

It’s because people trust them, and if they promote a product then they trust their judgement.

It’s a simple marketing trick.

Ok, it seems that I went a bit off-topic, so let’s resume the Nexus presentation.

Why are the Nexus presets used so often?

Here is another example of Alan Walker using Nexus presets to create the song “Sing Me to Sleep”.

I know someone that bought the whole Nexus expansion pack!

I couldn’t believe that he spent 2000€ on the expansion pack.

reFX Nexus has a lot of presets, diversity being the best word to describe its sound banks, and saying that it’s a gadget that you rarely encounter is not an exaggeration.

All of his songs are made with Nexus.

Nexus’s impressive sound banks are being used by artists from all over the world and in most music genres, but still why did Nexus become such a popular plug-in?

I believe that you already know the answer to this question.

Most music producers are simply too lazy to create their sound banks, so a plug-in that has such a big sound bank is a treasure for them.

Even though so many people use it, even abuse it I could say, I don’t use it as much even though many people did recommend it to me.

Since I’ve used FL Studio for the first time I wanted to create my sounds.

It seems that I managed to achieve it. I am able of creating any sounds that I need in my musical projects.

For me, it’s a big advantage to be able to create any sound I want because I can express myself freely without being limited by the need of getting what I need from other engineers or sound designers.

A few months ago I found a sound bank for Nexus that I did enjoy.

I’m talking about the library called “Sound of the 90s 2” which has an impressive collection of sounds.

You can see what I’m talking about by clicking on the next link:

I‘ve tested a few sounds and they are all wonderful.

Now it’s up to you if you want to use them in any of your projects.

Nexus can be found in Music Radar’s top 10 VSTs

One of its great advantages is its refinement.

Most of the sounds are very well made.

There are a few sound banks like Expansion Vocoder which has a large collection of boxes of all types, even though I can’t find them a practical use, it’s clear that somebody did work a lot to make them.

The problem is that when you find a sound you also need to find practical use.

Some sounds work in a certain context, some do not.

In a future article, I will write about the concept of ‘context’, the context being the main criteria according to which you pick the sounds you want to use.

Now that we’ve spoken about the utility of a sound let’s return to our great VST.

Have you ever asked yourself why some VSTs are more popular than others?

Which is the second feature that makes Nexus one of the most used VSTs?

Let’s list all of them:

• reFX Nexus has a user-friendly interface
• reFX Nexus has a lot of presets which can be used for many purposes
• reFX Nexus is a good alternative for those that are unable or do not wish to create their sound banks

I believe that these 3 advantages boosted this VST a lot.

If you work in the music domain even as a hobby I’m sure that you’ve heard of it.

Most people have tried it at least once because it’s a multifunctional tool.

As a closing I would like to ask you:

Do you like this VST? Are you using it at the moment?

Which are the best presets that you’ve found in its sound banks? I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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