Toxic Biohazard presets [Free 25 Fantastic Sounds For Your Library]

toxic biohazard presets

toxic biohazard presets

This time, you can download 25 toxic biohazard presets for free.

In a previous article I only gave you 10 free presets, this time I am more generous.

Download free Toxic Biohazard Presets!

I want to tell you right from the start, that this sound library is not a regular one.

All the elements are carved and carefully crafted by me.

I tried, as much as possible, to build sounds that are different and as nuanced as possible.

Using these sounds, you will finally build real harmonies.

I’ve attached a presentation, so you can listen to a demo of these sounds.

(PS. –  I release a new SoundBank for Toxic Biohazard:

Deluxe House Pluckeds – Listen Here)

Deluxe Edition: 32 Free Presets! Listen Here!

Believe me, one of the weak points of music today, is the aspect of harmony.

The predominant ingredient in modern songs is the rhythm, and most people do very well when it comes to rhythm.

Music is built out of 3 big elements: melodic intent, harmony and rhythm.

Each element is extremely complex in itself, but at least the basic notions can be understood.

But in this article I won’t tell you about the elements that make up music.

I want to give you for free a sound library, and I am convinced you will be impressed.

On the Internet, you will find an ocean of sounds, presets and samples.

You just have to do a quick search, and thousands upon thousands of results will come up.

There is another problem, though: how much of what you find actually sounds spectacular?

A very small number, that is for sure, considering the sound avalanche on the internet.

Find high quality sound libraries: Toxic biohazard presets!

It gets difficult when you are trying to define yourself as a producer.

You need a different kind of sound library.

In my vision, 2 qualities are needed to help you extract the best, out of the myriad of sounds and samples on the internet.

First of all, you need to know how a sound of quality is defined.

I am talking a lot about this concept, but what does it actually mean? A high quality sound material must contain:

• Balance

• Clarity

• Harmony

• Melodic intent

• Strength

• Presence

• An outline

A real sound is one that impresses your hearing.

A real sound must have a strong permeability, and come with a high emotional impact on the listener.

Now that you have the sketch of a high quality sound, I will reveal the 2nd aptitude that will help you.

There are producers who are more able than others at finding high quality sounds.

Your intuition must help you find good sounds.

It’s not about your musical talent, it’s simply skill. It all comes down to your ability to search on the Internet.

 Truth is that most producers are good in this area.

They know how to pick sounds, even if those sounds were not created by themselves.

The good thing is that you don’t have to hassle much to create new sounds on your own.

You go for what is of interests, and then you choose what is right from your personal collection.

You are indeed very good if you manage to pick the right elements.

In this case, a very well developed musical ear and a strong intuition will be required.

On the other hand, the bad news is that you won’t be creating anything special in this case.

As long as you are using other people’s sounds, you are not fully expressing yourself.

This way, your creativity and imagination are not used at their full potential.

I believe that the best quality of nowadays’ producers is that they know how to use sounds.

It doesn’t matter if they are the ones that made them or not.

This is what saves most music producers: the ability of implementing elements that they found in their own style.

It’s all up to you to want more, or not.

Each of us picks his musical path as he sees fit, and as he feels is best for him.

My advice is that you always invest in yourself, and in what you are doing.

Always be learning new things about music and sound.

It’s the only way you can become a real expert.

I want to ask you, when do you think you are learning most?

It’s obvious, when you are experimenting new things, and when you are trying different possibilities on your own.

Experience is the most valuable thing for you. Out of experience, you learn the really practical things.

I’ve said it in previous articles as well.

You won’t be doing anything worthwhile, not without high quality sounds.

You can flip on your head, you can hassle as much as you want, but you won’t manage to create something real, that’s the harsh truth.

Listen the presentation and download the Toxic Biohazard presets!

Remember, keep working for your dream, and know for sure, the day when you succeed will come.

I wish you good luck!

Download Here 25 Toxic Biohazard Presets

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