Toxic Biohazard presets [32 FREE Melodic Sounds For Your Library]

toxic biohazard

toxic biohazard

Since spring is here, I though that it would be a nice thing to greet it with a new collection of 32 presets.

When it comes to nature, the best way to recreate that atmosphere is by using classical instruments.

Even though I’m a big fan of the synthesiser, it’s pretty hard to create sounds that have a certain vibration, like the whistle, pan-pipe or other blowing instrument with a synthesiser, no matter how complex the synthesiser is.

Many producers prefer the realistic instruments, those instruments that sound as naturally as possible.

I also do prefer realistic sounds and I hate those artificial synthetic sounds that completely lack harmony.

When the synthesiser was created, it was used to recreate the sound of real instruments.

There are many copies of guitars, whistles, blowing instruments, etc, am I wrong?

Then, the synthesiser made a step further.

People started using it to create harmonic textures which was something new back then.

Now these synthesised sounds are so common.

Listen here the demo in the Toxic Biohazard presets!

Even though they can be used to reproduce the sound of analogue instruments, it doesn’t work the other way around.

The non-electronic instrument sounds classic, warm, natural and it can’t reproduce synthetic textures.

There are composers and music producers that use realistic sounds.

How will my Toxic Biohazard preset pack help you?

I‘m certain that the collection will help you no matter what type of music you are doing.

My collection will give you the privilege of experimenting intense sensations which you won’t forget soon.

Good, now let’s get back to the question.

This collection will help you because I know the quality of my own sounds, and a good sound library will always be useful.

I believe that it will also help you find your inspiration.

Even further, it might even help you create your own style of music.

I keep insisting on the idea that when you have professional sounds it’s easier to create, like they also bring the inspiration with them.

The truth is that it’s easy for those that know how to do it, and very hard for those who do not posses the knowledge.

I would like to warn you that there are a lot of fake materials on the internet, and the ones that are actually made by pros are not as many, so let me assure you that what I’m giving you is like an oasis in the desert.

If in a previous article I’ve listed the qualities of an ideal sound, now I would like to further explain them:

1. Balance – the sound needs to be balanced.

The volume between the lows, meds and highs need to be in balance.

The #1 rule for this to happen is that the fundamental frequency to always have a higher volume than the rest of the oscillators.

2. Clarity

Is very important for the sound to be as clear as possible.

You don’t need useless frequencies or frequencies that are unpleasant for the ear. A listener will always prefer a clearer sound.

If you synthesise a sound then you won’t have as many problems with quality.

The problems usually appears when you use recorded sounds, because they might also come with noise or other unpleasant effect.

3. Harmony

Probably the most important characteristic.

A sound without harmony sounds flat, synthetic, artificial, in one word weak.

I hate those trivial because they don’t have the same effect on the listener.

4. Musicality 

I guess that you already know that a sound that has harmony also has musicality.

Remember that musicality is the relation between two sounds placed one after another, while harmony is the relation between two sounds played at the same time.

In my opinion, harmony is much more important.

5. Power 

All music producers, including you want their mixes to sound as powerful as possible.

I remember how much I’d struggle at the beginning to give that effect, and now it became so easy for me.

Every quality sound should have that something which makes it stand out.

6. Shape

This characteristic refers to the fact that a sound must have elements from the entire chromatic palette.

A well shaped sound is a sound that contains as much as possible of the sound spectre.

One of the secrets that I’ve learned from the beginning is that a good sound is one that covers as much of the spectre as possible.

But how do you do that?

You can cover the whole spectre but the result might not be the desired one. It’s a good tip but incomplete.

The content of this Toxic Biohazard preset collection:

toxic biohazard presets library

This time I’ve added more blowing instruments.

In the future I’ll make a pole, and from the results of that pole I’ll decide what the next preset collection will contain, so please don’t forget to leave a comment in which to tell me what type of sounds do you prefer, and why do you prefer more some than others.

If you could also justify it would be perfect.

Until next time, good luck finding your inspiration, and don’t forget that if you want your dreams to come true you have to work to make that happen!

Download Here 32 Toxic Biohazard presets

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