Why is Toxic Biohazard The Best VST For Sound Synthesis? [Chapter #2]

toxic biohazard VST

toxic biohazard VST

In a previous article I have presented a few of the characteristics of this VST and I’ve partially proven why I consider it the best VST and the best virtual instrument at the moment.

Now I will list a few more advantages brought by this VST.

I’ve discussed about the number of oscillators, how can these be manipulated, what level of control you have access to and how can you customise them.

But this is not all, not even close.

The FM Matrix

Toxic Biohazard also has an FM Matrix.

With a FM Matrix you can combine two oscillators to create a whole new sound.

The thing is that you must use Matrix FM carefully, because by combining 2 or more oscillators you might get the opposite effect, to actually ruin the sound and make it unbearable for the ear.

I admit that even I haven’t fully mastered the FM Matrix yet.

It’s very hard and it needs a lot of patience and discipline to fully understand how to modulate the oscillators to reach a high quality final product.

If you combine a sinusoidal from 0% to 50% you can get a saw harmonic with some white sound in it. If you go over 50% then the sound turns mostly in a white sound.

This method is fascinating, because it gives new original ways of synthesis.

It requires a lot of work indeed, but with a lot of work,patience and dedication to understand these notions you will get wonderful results, making it worth the time.

The two LFOs (LFO = Low Frecvency Oscilator)

Toxic biohazard (from now on I will call it TB) has 2 LFOs. What is a LFO? It’s a subsonic oscillator.

The LFO stands for Low Frequency Oscillator. These type of oscillators can modify the other oscillators depending on how they are set.

Two low frequency oscillators are enough to modify the other oscillators.

The good thing about these is that they can also be customised as you wish.

They are not generating any sound. They just modify what it is created by the other 6 oscillators.

You can also use MIDI modulations to control other characteristics. TB has a total of 8 MIDI modulations which can control most characteristics of TB.

What does this mean? Even more possibilities!

I was stunned the first time I’ve tried them. The complex sounds they were making…

There are a few presets in the “Best” folder which, in my opinion are truly “the best” and I’m saying it with as much modesty as possible.

Don’t listen to those that say that FL Studio sucks and has poor VSTs and etc. Test FL, test the plug-ins, use them properly and get the most out of them.

Every plug-in is good in it’s way, the only thing that varies is how hard you get to the sound you want to achieve.

In TB you need to have a lot of patience and pretty advanced knowledge of sound engineering. The moment you have that knowledge you can make wonders with this VST.

The Sequencer has 64 steps

The sequencer has 64 steps which surely make this VST even more attractive.

I like this part because you can add a little musical phrase which goes well with the sound.

I’ve noticed that even in the default presets there is a musical phrase as an example of what the preset is capable of.

Like every other characteristic of this VST it also has a few options. Like I was saying, TB keeps surprising me.

You can select “Dual” to have the first 32 steps be played at the same time with the other 32, or you can select “Random” to have the notes played in a random order.

You can customise even the Sequencer. This is another great advantage. But I believe it has more of an entertainment or personalization purpose.

TB is in fact a virtual instrument that combines in a certain degree the clasic subtractive synthesis with the FM synthesis.

The FM technology extends the possibilities of the old classic subtractive synthesis.

The modulation effects

The complexity of this plug-in is even bigger than you might believe.

If all of the effects that I have listed untill now haven’t convinced you, then I will write a few more.

It has 2 slots in which you can choose one of the 6 effects that the program has.

(Funny fact: it seems that this VST was made around the number 6

The effects that you can use are : delay, chorus, reverb, flanger, phaser, Lo-fi. I won’t explain these effects now, but I will explain them in further articles.

Besides all these effects, TB also has a “knob” which you can use to distort the whole layer.

You can simply use a distortion effect, which can be from 1 to 100%. Some sound engineers call it “compressor”, but the distortion is in fact over compression.

Did Toxic Biohazard convince you? The fact that you can do so many things is fascinating.

The truth is that not many VSTs are capable of what TB can do. And don’t forget that TB is for free! (If you bought FL Studio of course).

I’ve invested thousand of hours with this plug-in. I’ve used a lot all of the buttons just to understand which is the base principle, which defines every sound. I will describe this further in future articles.

The truth is that, at the moment, reFX Nexus has the best sound banks . In my opinion, TB is the synth with the richest palette of sounds on the market, but the fact that Toxic Biohazard studio wasn’t fully exploited is another story.

Now it is up to you to see what Toxic Biohazard is capable of, if you haven’t already seen in the videos that I have posted.

The thing is that most experts don’t have enough patience to try it and to promote it, or the number of the experts in this VST is simply very reduced.

If you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I would also like to know what VST do you like the most.

Thank you!

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