The Reason Why You Can’t Finish Your Musical Projects

musical project

musical project

Did you ever start a project that you were unable to finish?

You would either simply get bored or I would simply get stuck, unable to move further, like trying to move a mountain.

The enthusiasm usually ends fast and you feel like you are getting into a routine.

The fact is that people get bored pretty fast, some faster, others slower.

I belong in the category of those that get bored pretty fast.

Now, I will present you the #1 enemy and how to avoid it. The more you will know about it, the easier it will be to overcome it.

The most dangerous foe – boredom

Yes, boredom! It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not, when you are working you must avoid it. Boredom means death!

This is no joke!

When you will overcome boredom and any other obstacle you can consider yourself free.

You are a free musician, you’ve got yourself a set of wings and now you can fly wherever you want and hide from the boredom.

If you want to succeed you need to be creative!

There is no other option! Creativity and diversity are the strongest weapons against routine.

Without them you won’t make any step further, you would get stuck, like in a maze.

Music is a place where you can try whatever you want. You can use sounds that inspire you, and you can search for new things.

Finding new things is another way of fighting boredom.

Nowadays all the information is just one click away.

If everything that you might need is so close, why not use it?

Your musical projects need time

If you are the type of person that keeps making music, or you have a great idea over the night, let me tell you something: you need a lot of patience and focus.

An idea materializes in time, and it needs a lot of attempts. Of course, I’m referring to the masterpieces that lasted over the years.

Are there such things as exceptions?

Of course there are, but for those you need to be lucky or brilliant. This is the only way you will succeed in launching hit after hit.

I belong in the first category. I had a lot of ideas when I begun composing, and those on which I’ve focused the most are the most complex right now.

It’s wise to allocate as much time as possible to your creations, but you need to keep a balance.

A year ago, i had the chance to find out how much time does a music producer need to create a project.

He spent over 180 hours in a single project!

I initially thought that all his projects take as long to make, but in fact he also had projects that took less than 10 hours.

So, I finally realised that there is no rule regarding how much time you need to make a project.

The time necessary to finish a project depends on a lot of things, like luck, inspiration, your state, etc.

When you are in an incipient state you need a lot more time, but in time, as you become better and the experience increases, you will finish your projects faster.

Musical project types

Now it depends on you, if you want to make something unusual you will need to put a lot of effort, but believe me it’s worth it!

Most people simply don’t want to work hard enough. They work like they are making savings!

If you want to make an average song it won’t be too hard.

It’s enough to copy the style of another artist, and you will make something that resembles but at a lower quality.

The choice is up to you, but I recommend you the first one. Try making something special and unique.

Every artist has his own style, but not many stand out.

In most songs that I hear daily, just a small amount have something unique. This happens because a song is intended to make you abuse the play button.

I hope that you have a new way of seeing things now.

I don’t know what you hope to achieve from music, but keep aiming for the same goal. Search for new things, diversify your ideas, combine new things and ask yourself questions.

You will see that your work will start to materialise and you will get results.

Listen to quality songs and be picky with music! This will help you a lot.

Good luck and don’t forget to tell me what is your “obstacle” that stops you from finishing your projects. I’m waiting for a response.

Thank you!

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