The Conspiration Theory In Music Industry: The Secrets Are Kept By Pros For Themselves

conspiracy in music industry

conspiracy in music industry

I‘m sure that, upon seeing this title, you thought of the Illuminati or of another secret society that controls music.

The conspiracy I’d like to unveil is another.

I’d like to make a perhaps shocking affirmation, even with the risk that this article will be of controversy.

I want to reveal the cards played.

I don’t know whether you’ll agree with me, but it doesn’t matter because I’m planning to risk a bit more this time.

The conclusion that you’ve to obtain from this article is that true craft is difficult to learn when you don’t have the necessary information.

Have you heard of the painters that would not, for anything in the world, reveal their secrets?

Some apprentices would beg crying for those secrets to be told.

It seems that this happens in the industry of music as well.

Most of the information on the internet will not teach you how to conceive your sound.

A lot of subjects taught have nothing to do with it.

It’s easy to make a tutorial in which you choose a preset from reFX Nexus 2 then create a harmony, a line etc. then post it on YouTube under the name of ‘how to make a melodic line in FL Studio’.

Maybe you won’t believe me from the beginning, but I want to tell you something important; if you want to work in this domain, you’ve got to know more.

The music industry keeps some secrets on purpose!

Except those secret societies that keep being talked about, I speak of a new theory of conspiracy.

The truth is that a lot of the tutorials I have watched haven’t helped me so much.

If we’re to speak of the review of a VST, then they’re worth it, but the situation changes when you want to project your own sound.

Ok, some are amateurs, some are professionals and they all work in the music industry, but why do some not reveal the true tricks of building your own sound?

What would it be like to be able to create your own sounds from point 0 (zero)?

You could express yourself at a superior level.

Your whole imagination and creativity would finally unleash.

We’ve to admit that the industry of music is a very wide domain.

It’s a domain that only the successful enter.

It widens from year to year, a lot new artists launching on the market.

That’s why I’ve made this blog. It’s the right place to easily learn how to create your own sounds.

Now, I have a question for you:

Have you ever, in your life, seen blogs that spoke of the architecture of sound?

I have personally not found such a blog.

The question probably bothering you is why aren’t there currently blogs about sound-design?

And when I say sound-design, I mean clear details speaking about the construction of a sound.

Let’s wake up! We’re living in the year 2016.

Gadgets have invaded music, daw’s are more sophisticated than ever, vst’s get newer versions.

You find packs of sounds and samples of all kinds on the internet!

I’ve composed a short presentation above, and now I want to get your attention and tell you what the situation is.

In spite of the existence of so many tools and programs it seems that all of these are of no help if you don’t know a bit about sound.

Does the theory of conspiracy hide the music secrets?

I stand by the opinion that it hides them well enough, or at least doesn’t let them come out.

To repeat myself, I’ve found no blog on the internet to speak in detail of the construction and resonance of the sound.

Truly, perhaps there are subjects of that sort, but either they are very small in number or don’t cover the essential.

Most blogs on the internet speak about debuts, events, artists.

It’s absolutely normal. There have to be such blogs as well.

But why is there no blog for young music producers to unleash their creativity?

Creativity and imagination are two resources of infinite inspiration.

If you’re the kind that gets ideas from anything, then you have all the shots at creating something unique.

It would be a shame for those qualities of yours to remain unexplored.

I want to ask you another question. Are you, by any chance, a sound engineer?

Do you think you’ve got all the notions and tricks about music in you?

Then, please answer the next question:

Can you build any sound you wish from point 0?

If not, it means that tutorials and other resources haven’t helped you enough.

This means that you still have to learn and practice.

Still, if you answered ‘yes’ to this question, please tell me what your tools are to build your own sounds as you desire. I, for one, am anxious to find out what your true methods are. 

I’m sure that I could learn something.

Why do I always insist on construction of the sound from zero?

A lot of producers use the same presets, and if they make their own, they practically copy others.

Another question that will unleash waves of curiosity:

Can we copy other infinitely? Where will music end up?

Of course, I want you to leave a comment as to what you think of my subject of discussion. 

Thank you!

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