Kaoma Lambada [A Song That Has Been Listened Over 900 Million Times]


kaoma lambada

kaoma lambada

Kaoma lambada is one of the most popular tracks of the year 1989.

If you are a fan of Lambada, then you are lucky. Here I gathered a list with all the versions of this song.

There is no doubt that lambada is a very unique and popular creation. This is why it has a great number of covers, remakes and remixes.
The classic accordion sound, the latino percussion and the attractive rhythm made Lambada one of the greatest hits of the 80’s.

We are talking about a summer hit. It was published in July 1989.

Actually, the accessible and elegant atmosphere of the song suits the summer break.

Are you ready to listen to each and every variation of Lambada? Let’s start!

Firstly, I would like to present you the original:

1. Kaoma Lambada – (Original Version 1989)

The original version doesn’t need any special introduction.

The song is very well known, and if you haven’t listened to it before, then you should.

2. Kaoma Lambada (BlueScorpion – 2014)

I found a pretty good remake of the song. This version was launched quite recently, in 2014, and it sounds pretty close to the original.

3. Kaoma Lambada (Aycan 2010 Version)

I like how the accordion sounds in this project. It’s quite a modern sound.

It contains specific Electro House elements. Actually it’s a combination between latino and house.

4. Jennifer Lopez feat Pitbull – On the Floor (Lambada Remake)

This is one of the biggest hits. It was launched a few years ago.

Although “On the Floor” is not 100% lambada, it contains samples from it. Also there are other lyrics, and the sounds are specific to the year 2011.

The artists got their inspiration from a classical masterpiece and I agree with them.

Because “On the Floor” is a modern version of the song Lambada. In 2011 they brought Kaoma’s song in the spotlight again with this version.

The producers knew one thing: when you remake a song that was once a hit, most likely it will be a hit… again!

And it happened! “On the Floor” had exactly 892.085.613 views on YouTube when this article was written, which is a lot, and of course the number will continue to grow.

The song “On the Floor” was so successful that it reached top 100 most accessed songs of all time. I believe that you are quite impressed right now, am I right?

5. Don Omar – Taboo (Lambada remake)

It seems that there were many artists that have enjoyed Lambada. This is why there are a lot of remixes, remakes and covers.

Same goes to “Taboo”.

Interesting fact: lambada fits with Don Omar’s style.

After he launched the hit called “Danza kuduro” with Lucenzo he decided to also remake the lambada.

Of course, “Taboo” wasn’t as good of an attempt as “On the Floor”, but it was good enough to reach 200 million clicks.

6. Cuarteto Continental de Alberto Maraví – LLorando se fue “lambada”

This is an older version of Lambada.

Although it’s old, I like how the accordion sounds a lot. The sound is natural, classic, and surprisingly good.

The tribal like percussion seems poor, but I believe it fits quite nicely with the rest of the song.
7. Kaoma Lambada (Kid Creole & The Coconuts)

I’ve found another cover which is in English this time.

There is no place for doubt: Lambada is a very well-known song.

It’s one of those musical ideas that have passed the test of time. I could even say that this song will never be forgotten.
8. Sergio Vargas Lambada

The beauty of this version consists of it’s tribal rhythm which makes the song easy to dance on. Also, the bass line was a great choice.

9. Narcotic Sound feat Christian D. – Lambada Loca

Narcotic Sound also launched a song being inspired by Lambada. It sounds modern, but it also keeps most of the atmosphere of the original.

Also, this version is not 100% lambada. The producers added some sections.
Fortunately, they fit quite well with the original.

10. 8-Bit Music – Kaoma Lambada

A Chiptune version of Lambada. It sounds simple but interesting, and in some videogames some segments of the song are used.

11. Kaoma Lambada (on Korg PA500)

Do you want to hear lambada interpreted on a synthesizer? I’ve found a clip where the song is interpreted very great.

12. Kaoma Lambada (Plac!d Bootleg Mix)

Here is another remix that sounds interesting.

13. Kaoma Lambada (ClubStars Albina Remix Studio TSS™ EuroDance Attack)


Some extra rhytim, a clubbish style sounding track!

14. Kaoma – Lambada (Melody Trance Remix)

It seems that lambada also has a Trance version! The best part: the remake sounds quite good.

I also do like a lot that voice that whispers “lambada”, very cool!

15. Gregor Salto – Kaoma Lambada 3000 (Bassjackers and Ralvero Remix)

Another club version of the song lambada. The rhythm sounds quite versatile.

16. Kaoma Lambada [Metal Cover]

I was very surprised to find out that lambada also has a metal version. You can listen to it by clicking on the link.

17. Kaoma – Lambada (Dj Pick’s Remix 2010) Portugal

The voice is pushed in the background and the instrumental is a bit tunned up. Still, I liked the instrumental a lot, so I decided to post it here.

I also like the accordion part that starts at 3:00, it sounds extraordinary!

18. DJ Tarantino – Lambada (Original Mix)

What do we have here? Modern, danceable rhythm made by DJ Tarantino, which has a lot more energy than the original.

19. Kaoma – Lambada (Karaoke)

Do you have some vocal ability? I’ve found a karaoke version! You can play Lambada’s instrumental.

20. Kaoma Lambada Piano Tutorial (Synthesia + Sheets + MIDI)

Learn how to play lambada by following this tutorial! It seems that lambada also sounds well on the piano!

21. Kaoma – Lambada (Cover)

22. Kaoma Lambada – Dance Mix 2013 – DJ EDIFIER X

A remix destined for clubbers.

23. Kaoma Lambada (po polsku)

The karaoke version in polish sounds quite good.

24. Kaoma – Lambada (Osgüer Remix)

A remix that is a bit noisy, but it sounds very interesting.

25. Lambada, by Kaoma – Electric Violinist – Kate Chruscicka

An instrumental interpreted at the violin.

26. Lambada by Kaoma (Guitar solo)

The guitar is an instrument that you hear quite a lot in the latino music. Why wouldn’t it fit with lambada? The interpretation was realized quite well.

27. Lambada-Kaoma – (Acoustic Cover English Version)

The cover is for the clasics. Sincerely, it’s not one of my favourites, because I prefer the pure sound of the electronic music, but it sounds very well.

A classic, well defined and well interpreted version.

28. KAOMA – Lambada (Trance Remix)

An old Trance version.

29. Kaoma Lambada – cover by Piotr Jeżowski

Another awesome synthesizer cover.

Note: I’ve hit every like button for these songs!

The performances of the franchise kaoma lambada

I’ve searched for information about this song. Although there isn’t an entire encyclopedia of this song, I’ve managed to find some precious information.
Allow me to present all the achievements reached by this song:

It sold in over 5 million copies

It got in most music tops

It was remixed and edited hundreds of times.

The secret ingredients of the hit Kaoma Lambada.

Okay, so I’ve told you that this song was a huge success. Now it’s time to find out which are the elements that made this song what it is, what made lambada a hit:

The melodic line: original, incredible, easy to remember.

It’s the most important characteristic of a song.

It’s the kind of track that gets stuck in your heat!

The rhythm: many latino songs had a huge success because of their rhythm. The latino genre is very appreciated.

This is not the only argument though. People love music that you can dance on. This is another great feature of lambada: it’s a perfect creation for dance!

Instruments used: accordion that fits with the melody. Anybody can recognize the traditional sound of the accordion.

What does “lambada” mean?

I’ve used many times this word, “lambada”, but what does it mean? What does the band Kaoma sing about?

Unfortunately I was unable of finding a response.

1998 – Kaoma launches lambada. The melody proves to be a huge success and it enters most musical tops and it’s sold in over 5 million copies.

2011 – being inspired by the legendary song Lambada, the well-known artists Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull brought the song in the spotlight again.

2016 – The project Kaoma Lambada is still as listened as before!

Which is the greatest characteristic of the Lambada?

Many songs simply fade away with time. You hear such a song for a month, maybe a year, and then it disappears, both from the top and from the listener’s memory.

It’s so sad when you think about it, I mean, so many songs lose their intensity as time flies by.
Time was harsh with creations that didn’t transmit any emotion.

This should make you put more feelings in music (if you are a producer, of course).
Any melodic line needs to be unique.

What do I mean by that?

It’s that hard to describe characteristic that can be easily recognized. It’s something that makes some songs easier to remember.

Here is the truth: real songs never fade away.

Why do you think that lambada was remixed so many times? An interesting fact is that this song hasn’t lost any of its attention.

Do you believe that a song which has 900.000.000 views on Youtube will contain a sample of this song?

The song is a legend.

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull made an inspired choice. This is why this song had an incredible success.

I would like to highlight a memorable phrase: it is said that the best artists get their inspiration from other’s work.

It’s true; there are many hits that were inspired by older songs.

Do you need further proof?

Kaoma still has 135.000 searches montly. This means that every month 135.000 people still listen to this band even though 26 years have passed.

Here is another objective of mine:

I will create my own version of this song! I’ve given it some thought and it is a song that might put me in the spotlight!

Anyway, in order to recreate such a song you need style.

Do you want to create your own version of Kaoma’s Lambada?

If you are a music producer and you want to create a remix, you can download the MIDI score.

Download Kaoma Lambada MIDI Scores

Open this score with FL Studio (or any other DAW that you are using).

Then pick the right sounds, rearrange, or do anything that you believe you have to do with this project.

Also, you need to be creative: add new ingredients to the song.

Which are the members of Kaoma?

Do you want to find out more about this formation?

Kaoma is a Brazilian-french pop band.

Did you enjoy this song? I hope that you’ve been inspired by this list. Do you remember when you’ve heard this song for the first time?

I’m looking forward to your response.

Do you know any “immortal” song? I gave you another reason to leave a comment.

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