FL Studio VST Plugins: Test Humanoid Enzyme and Sugar Bytes Cyclop

fl studio vst plugins

fl studio vst plugins

Today I intend to present you some unusual looking VSTs.

Do you like virtual instruments?

Are you looking for new and exciting way to enhance your imagination?

If yes, then you are in the right place!

There are many plug-ins for FL Studio.

The fact that this DAW imports external plug-ins is a huge advantage compared to other DAWs like Reason that doesn’t allow the user to insert external plug-ins.

First of all, I would like to ask you: why should you choose your own VSTs?

It’s simple, because they make your work easier.

Everybody chooses virtual instruments depending on their style,the way they will use it or by preference.

I presume that you choose the most comfortable one.

The truth is that most producers do this all the time: they stay in their comfort zone.

This is not very helpful.

Now, I would like to present you some of the strangest VSTs for FL Studio.

FL Studio VST plugins list: #1 Sugar Bytes Cyclop

I do not know what ingenious mind has created this instrument.

Most likely someone that also likes SF films.

The name of the first plug-in that I’m going to present today is Sugar Bytes Cyclop, and the way in which you use it is simply beyond me.

I will make a demonstration when I will understand it better.

When I’ve tested it for the first time I was simply overwhelmed by it’s complexity.

A lot of knobs, faders and control elements.

It made me feel very confused.

And it’s normal, it has a lot of settings and parameters.

I would recommend it only to those that have the patience needed to learn how to use it properly.

It gave me the sensation that it’s not from our time, like it’s coming from the future.

Cyclop is an instrument that can teach you a lot of things.

Do you like dubstep? If yes then Cyclop is an useful tool.

You can make the most unusual sounds you could ever think of.

As I was saying, this VST has both advantages and disadvantages.

A disadvantages is that it doesn’t allow polyphony (it doesn’t allow you to insert 2 plug-ins to create a chord).

This VST is better suited for creating bass lines.

Recently I found it on the internet as being one of the most recommended plug-in for creating bass lines.

Another disadvantages is that the generators (oscillators) can’t be customized.

On the other hand it accepts imported samples which can be modulated.

I believe that now you are a bit confused, but don’t worry.

Even I was afraid of buttons,control elements and faders a while ago.

Now they are elements that I’m used with and I’m sure that you can comprehend each element if you are willing to.

Unfortunately, I have not used the next plug-in as much as I would have wanted.

What plug-in am I talking about?

FL Studio VST plugins list #2 Humanoid Enzyme

It’s a pretty new virtual instrument.

Despite having a lovely design and a low price (only 50$), Enzyme has a lot to offer.

I’m not fully aware of what it’s capable of, or how to at least properly use it, so I need to study it more.

Still, it seems like a powerful tool.

I would recommend it for dubstep, mainly because of the sound-library that comes with it.

I consider the sound banks to be very well suited for this purpose.

What I like the most about this VST is the fact that you can add as many LFO-s as you wish, which means that you can modulate the sound infinitely.

Enzyme is capable of producing sounds of staggering beauty as well as knee-wobbling, teeth grating terror.

For some of us, that’s all we’ve ever asked for

Anyway, Enzyme is full of surprises.

I will definitely write a review when I will understand it better, and for that I will need to watch a few tutorials.

The people that made it said that it’s possibilities are endless.

By adding more and more LFO-s(subsonic oscillators) you can modulate the sound as much as you want.

I don’t know if you like it, but I’m intrigued by this type of plug-ins, the very complex ones.

The truth is that most people want something simple and easy to use, and this doesn’t happen only in music.

People prefer simple things in general.

And this is exactly the disadvantage of this plug-in.

Most people would simply choose a easy to understand plug-in over it. Indolence is a lot more important.

And speaking about indolence, let’s talk about the next plug-in.

FL Studio VST plugins list: #3 reFX Nexus 2

In my opinion this is the most useful VST at the moment.

It has a lot of sounds which can be used in a large variety of musical genres.

A lot of producers recommended it, and some of the well-known artists use it, and I’m sure that somebody did recommend it to you already.

On the reFX site I saw that even well-known artists like David Guetta were promoting it.

But, like the other 2 VSTs it also has disadvantages like the fact that you can’t create your own sounds, which means that most music producers that use it also use presets made by others.

Nexus can be used in a lot of music genres.

Some of the plucked sounds that you’ve heard in some commercial house songs are from Nexus.

I use it mostly for inspiration, but I don’t use it that often. I simply enjoy some of the sounds in the library.

It’s the best choice for music producers.

Now, as a closing for this article I would like to ask you:

Which is the strangest plug-in you’ve tried?

I’m very curious so leave a comment in the section down bellow.

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