Free FL Studio Samples For you: 25 Melodic Toxic Biohazard Presets


fl studio samples

fl studio samples

It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a sound bank, so it’s time to give you a new one, and guess what, it is free!

You can download it freely, but if you could also share with your friends it would be awesome.

Of course, you should do this only if you really did enjoy it.

I’ve tried many FL samples, and I realised that not many are as good as they might seem, so in order to help you I will give you a new collection.

I don’t know if they do really fit your style, but I’m pretty sure that they will inspire you.

My FL Studio samples pack: House Deluxe Plucked!

I‘ve designed this collection so that you can use it in house tracks, but if you have the inspiration, you can use it in other styles as well.

Before listening to my presentation I would like to tell you what feedback I’ve received until now for my previous sound banks.

1. The first suggestion was about diversity. I was told that I need to have more variety.

Creating more variety is pretty hard, but this time I’ll do my best to create as much as I can.

2. The presets are good, but most people don’t really know how to use them. 

I’ve just realised that my presets need to fit a certain genre of music.

Many producers find it hard to use sounds if they aren’t specially designed for a certain genre of music.

3. Another suggestion was that I should use other plug-ins.

Not everybody is a Toxic Biohazard, so in the future I’ll try to create presets for other VSTs as well, since Toxic Biohazard is not being used by many producers.

These are the most important tips I’ve got.

I know that I’ve made some mistakes, but if you never make mistakes you never truly learn.

Those who consider that making mistakes is bad, then they don’t know that you are making them in order to learn from them.

A mistake really is a bad one if you repeat it. This applies to sound-design as well.

I will definitely use some popular VSTs to create sounds, so please tell me what VSTs would you like me to create presets for in the comment section down below.

I’ll do my best to create some presets that you can use in your favourite VST.

I‘ve been thinking about moving to other VSTs. I need something very flexible, which can generate an enormous number of possibilities.

Because I’m giving you my sound collection for free, I would like you to do something as well. I want you to tell me what type of sounds do you prefer.

You can send me links or materials that contain your favourite type of sounds.

If you are a bit confused and you haven’t chosen a style yet, then click here.

It’s an article in which I’ve presented you a few categories of sounds. I hope you’ll find your favourite.

Most FL Studio samples are poor!

This is why I’ve invested so much time in energy in creating my own sounds.

I didn’t like most of the sounds that I had at my disposal, so I’ve chosen to create my own.

The truth is that as long as you keep using sounds that were created by others you can’t really say that your songs are unique.

Let’s see how this works. Let’s take some very popular VSTs, like Nexus or Sylenth1.

Because you are a beginner you’ve chosen one of these VSTs, and you don’t know how to design your own presets yet.

What do you do? You search for sound banks on the internet, then you use them in your own projects.

Remember that, by being available on the internet most likely you aren’t the only one that has downloaded those presets.

If there are many other producers that use the same sounds then your projects will somewhat sound like theirs.

Probably you are thinking that “There are millions of sounds on the internet, some you have to pay for, some are free.

How is it possible for someone to be using the same sounds as I do?”

This is possible because the diversity is very reduced.

When you download a package, there are other thousands of producers that have already downloaded it.

Even in Nexus there are a lot of presets that sound the same.

There also is a trend to copy the sound of other producers.

I’m going to give you a real example now.

I have a friend that has been using FL Studio for the last 6 years. His entire strategy is to copy others’ sounds.

He didn’t get that far, and he still has a lot to learn.

Most of his projects are very short. He finalised just a few songs.

With all the modesty I would like to add that my projects are more accurate than his, even though I have just 3 years of music production.

What makes you unique if you use the same sounds as other people?

Your harmonies? Your melodic lines? Your style of work? Maybe…

This is possible, but you need to choose your sounds carefully.

After all, no sound will really help you if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Why do you need to know how to use FL Studio samples?

I‘ve given you a lot of sounds. If you’ve just started producing music, then you might find it hard to use it.

I’ve omitted something very important, teaching you how to use them.

You can have access to the world’s greatest sounds, if you don’t know how to use them they won’t really help you.

You need to choose sounds that fit your context.

If you want more efficiency then you need to position everything perfectly.

The context is the thing that dictates how should everything be made.  

When I will launch the next sound bank, I will try to teach you how to use them as well.

There are just a few principles that need to be respected depending on how the project is made.

Download my FL Studio samples pack and test it!

Tell me what should I improve.

If you have anything else to add, then feel free to do so! Good luck finding your inspiration!

Download here FL Studio Samples

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