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beautiful sounds

beautiful sounds

I‘m sure that you will like today’s article!

Today I want to present you 10 sounds which, from my point of view, sound fantastic!

All of them are made with Toxic Biohazard and are the living proof that this plug-in is capable of wonderful things!

The sounds that I am going to give you are very unique, and I’m sure you are going to enjoy them.

This is why I created this blog under the sign of music sensation.

Because I want to make sensation in music!

Real music is pure sensation.

It makes you feel in a certain way, and it transmits you certain emotions. It is also a language.

I kept repeating that music is something just partially discovered.

There are many secrets which are just waiting to be uncovered.

But, our laziness seems to be more important for us most of the time, and it’s a shame that something like this stands in the way of some awesome discoveries.

I consider my work from multiple points of view.

It can be a science, it can be an art (although it is considered an art, a way to express ourselves, a way to communicate), but it also can be a way of living.

I’ve gathered some of the sounds that I have made and in this article I am sharing them with you.

So make sure to stick around till the final to see what we are talking about.

This is the most beautiful Sounds!

1. Rezonant Xylophone

The truth is that I haven’t really worked on this sound.

But has a unique style. It’s a kind of warm sound which also sounds realistic. Does wonders in slow and calm songs.

Every time i test it , it makes me think of nature, sounds very lovely.

2. Inside Clouds

It’s one of my favorites.

Sounds very tribal, and it has more of an gothic feel, and it makes me think of something old.

It’s a good sound for house in general.

I was thinking of renaming it in “wood essence”, because it sounds pretty much resembles a wooden Xylophone.

3. Deep Dreams 

Another sound which is like a story.

By using a few high frequencies that are a bit out of pitch I managed to make this sound give magical sensations!

It’s a sound that I have made recently, but I haven’t really worked too much on it to get the result I desired.

I believe it is well suited for Christmas songs or something more lyrical.

4. Aqua Cristal

Just a few of the sounds I have are like this.

It gives a special atmosphere, like it is coming from another world.

Even more, the sequencer matches the sound’s colour.

I’ve also used the phaser effect to give it a lovely ambience. I believe this preset is best suited for chill tracks.

5. Beautiful Saws 

Certainly another epic vibration!

This has a powerful resonance and it surprises with the equilibrium that it has.

But, unfortunately these types of layers are very rare on the internet.

Using these types of sounds you can create some unique harmonics.

I’m sure that this would be well suited for multiple music genres.

6. Player Chorus

Initially I wanted to include this preset in the “Sawoid” category,

but even though it sounds different, I’ve put it in the “VOX” category.

I’ve used more the detuned effect on the high middles and the result was spectacular!

It gives a wonderful atmosphere. 

It’s certainly a lovely sound which I’m sure you will enjoy.

7. Whispers

It’s a “virus” which sounds very different from all the other sounds on this list.

It is a very complex sound, well textured, made of multiple oscillators.

I’ve worked on it some time, but it was worth.

It’s a bit more rough sound, well suited for electro and dubstep.

8. Tribal Percussion

If you want an old and interesting atmosphere I would recommend this sound.

It’s texture resembles the oriental style of music.

It kinda sounds like a metal percussion, but it’s a very good choice if you want to make something oriental.

9. Secret Sanctuar

I’ve used this sound in some of my projects, and I can tell you that it’s a pretty good one.

It’s one of the sounds that I’m proud to say that I made it.

How would I describe it?

Well it gives a very dark atmosphere, and the sequencer is a good match.

It’s a sound that you can use in more profound projects.

10. Voxen Voice

There was a time when I liked very much to synthesise human voices.

Of course I still like this. This sound it’s just a little part of what I have made.

The human voice can’t be fully reproduced, or synthetized with Toxic Biohazard.

The sound has a different structure, and it sounds very well in my opinion.

I don’t have any idea in which music genre it could be used, but this is not a problem, you can also improve.

These are 10 of the best presets that I have made on my own.

Everything that you have heard is proof of thousand of hours that I have invested in FL Studio, attempting to find that secret that makes music a noble art!

Music has become a major part of my life, and I’ve tested a lot of techniques and hunches that I had about sound and it’s nature.

The truth is that if you persevere, the results will surely appear!

This is why I made this blog, to share my knowledge.

I don’t want to transform this article into a motivational one.

The truth is that you can do more in music, pretty much everything that you have dreamt about music.

I want to start a debate on this subject, so this is why I’m asking you to leave a comment below and tell me my opinion about the sounds that you have heard.

I’m waiting for your response and thank you for reading.

Listen the Beautiful Sounds here!

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