The White Noise Is The Most Complex Sound In Nature

white noise

white noise

Today, I’ve brought a lovely title, and I’m sure that it got your attention. I’ve attached a few audio samples in the article, so read the whole article.

This sound can be found anywhere.

We hear it so often that we’ve gotten used to it, and it doesn’t feel special any more.

Although we hear it so often, not many people actually notice it. Seems quite normal, but in music, it is indispensable.

You can’t work without it. It’s a part of music, and it became so because it is used a lot.

So what’s the sound I’m talking about?

The sound that I’m taking about is the white noise! I’m sure that it’s wide-spread in the nature.

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Which Soundtrack Do You Want Me To Finish? Vote Your Favourite Project



I believe that your opinion is very important, so I’m going to ask for it today.

I want you to tell me which of my sound tracks should I finish? I will present you a few music stubs made by me.

I had a lot of musical ideas, but not many were great ones.

A friend told me that if 1 out of 10 ideas are great, then you are good in your domain.

I believe that only good ideas should be published. The others are just failed attempts that you’ve learned from.

There are many artists that launch a hit, reaching their highest potential, then they pretty much ‘disappear’, at least for a while.

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What Types Of Sounds Do You Prefer? Here Are a Few Sound Characteristics

sound shape

sound shape

There are many preferences when it comes to the sounds that we use.

What I’ve noticed over time is that some producers prefer more powerful sounds, even aggressive sounds.

It’s an unconscious choice.

We always chose something that makes us feel better. You might even prefer a sound over another because you are used with that type of sounds.

I’ve been told a lot lately that I should use more aggressive sounds in my projects, but they don’t really fit my style, so I don’t use that many sounds of this type.

I prefer sounds that are both powerful and harmonious at the same time.

I like that type of sounds that make you say “wow”.

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What Is The Reverb And What’s Its Purpose In Music Production?

what is reverb

what is reverb

If you’ve used a DAW, most likely you’ve heard of reverb.

It might seem something simple but it has a huge impact in electronic music.

I believe that the reverb and the delay are the most used effects in music production.

Most creations use these effects, but you can’t simply add them, you need to know how to use them property.

Now that I’ve made a little introduction, I would like to define the reverb a bit (it’s not the same thing as echo) so you could understand it better.

The reverb is the reflection of the sound.

When a sound is emitted from a point it bounces off walls and everything else that is in the emittor’s range, sending it back. Usually solid objects reflect the sound.

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5 Methods To Find Your Inspiration In Order To Produce Awesome Music



The title of this article sounds very attractive, and it wasn’t chosen randomly.

Every one wants to have that elixir of inspiration. The reason why I’ve chosen this title is because I want to help you to avoid the lack of inspiration.

I believe that each artist gets to a point in which he doesn’t have inspiration.

And he starts looking for an alternative, he tries everything he could possible think of but he is unable to create anything.

Sounds discouraging!

I’m certain that you’ve also lived moments like these! Moments in which you were doing everything you could, you created something, you feel like it’s not good, then you delete it and start again.

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