FL Studio Tutorial: How to remix an acapella in 17 steps [Free FLP]

fl studio tutorial

fl studio tutorial

I’ve made a new FL Studio Tutorial for you. I will show you how I made my first remix.

The project is called „Another Guy”. It was created by Boy George and Vanilla Ace, and the vocals belong to the singer Katerina Themis.

Here you can listen to the original song:

Everything started with a contest on BeatPort.

The prizes and the fact that I liked the song attracted me.

I haven’t won any prize, but I’ve accumulated much experience.

In this FL Studio Tutorial I will teach you how to remix a song from scratch.

I start from the vocals and I add the instruments around it.

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The Reason Why You Can’t Finish Your Musical Projects

musical project

musical project

Did you ever start a project that you were unable to finish?

You would either simply get bored or I would simply get stuck, unable to move further, like trying to move a mountain.

The enthusiasm usually ends fast and you feel like you are getting into a routine.

The fact is that people get bored pretty fast, some faster, others slower.

I belong in the category of those that get bored pretty fast.

Now, I will present you the #1 enemy and how to avoid it. The more you will know about it, the easier it will be to overcome it.

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What Makes You a Good Producers? Your Knowledge Or Your Equipment?

musical knowledge

Today I’m going to write about a more controversial subject.

You need all the hardware you could get, all the gadgets, all the monitors, which cost a lot and help a lot in increasing the quality of the sound, and of course the other hardware devices which are as necessary as oxygen!

So, besides this enumeration, I want to ask you a question:

What if you could get a high quality product only with a laptop and a headset? If would be too good to be true!
Your musical knowledge vs your hardware!

It’s true that a simple PC and a monitor which may cost less than 100 Euro is no match for a recording studio in terms of quality.

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Why is Toxic Biohazard The Best VST For Sound Synthesis? [Chapter #2]

toxic biohazard VST

toxic biohazard VST

In a previous article I have presented a few of the characteristics of this VST and I’ve partially proven why I consider it the best VST and the best virtual instrument at the moment.

Now I will list a few more advantages brought by this VST.

I’ve discussed about the number of oscillators, how can these be manipulated, what level of control you have access to and how can you customise them.

But this is not all, not even close.

The FM Matrix

Toxic Biohazard also has an FM Matrix.

With a FM Matrix you can combine two oscillators to create a whole new sound.

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Why is Toxic Biohazard The Best VST For Sound Synthesis? [Chapter #1]

toxic biohazard

best vst

In the last article, I’ve made some shocking affirmations.

I’ve criticized some of the most popular VSTs, and maybe it is outrageous for some, but I also brought proof, which I am sure that it made a lot of you think about it.

I want to highlight something from the beginning.

Some of the most popular songs that you hear on daily rotation on the radio aren’t necessarily the best. Most people know this.

It’s easier to make a mediocre song and promote it aggressively,then transform it into a hit.

Clearly, it’s harder to make something authentic… Same goes for virtual instruments. The most popular virtual instruments aren’t necessarily the best.

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