Why is Toxic Biohazard The Best VST For Sound Synthesis? [Chapter #1]

toxic biohazard

best vst

In the last article, I’ve made some shocking affirmations.

I’ve criticized some of the most popular VSTs, and maybe it is outrageous for some, but I also brought proof, which I am sure that it made a lot of you think about it.

I want to highlight something from the beginning.

Some of the most popular songs that you hear on daily rotation on the radio aren’t necessarily the best. Most people know this.

It’s easier to make a mediocre song and promote it aggressively,then transform it into a hit.

Clearly, it’s harder to make something authentic… Same goes for virtual instruments. The most popular virtual instruments aren’t necessarily the best.

What does this VST have to offer in plus, compared to the other virtual instruments?

Let’s check it out and see what does it have. First, the number of oscillators ,which is 6.

Probably one of the biggest number of oscillators. The more oscillators you have, the more possibilities you get.

And this is great, because it allows you to create a lot of combinations. You just need to be creative.

The number of oscillators is not the only plus of this VST.

This VST allows you to customise each oscillator as you wish.

You only need a sound template or a sample from an additive VST or even a sampler.

So you can customise the sound however you like, having an infinite palette of sounds which you can change, depending on taste.

Secondly, every parameter of the oscillator can be manipulated to recreate any setting: volume parameters (ADSR), the pitch of the sound (where you have these parameters: semitone, distance between semitone, and frequency in HZ).

Even further, the oscillators can be mixed together in order to generate an even wider texture of sounds.

The FM synthesis is one of the most interesting ones in my opinion, and it has a large palette of possibilities.

This is the big advantage Toxic has over 99% of the other VSTs on the market.

You have full control over the sound, you can design it as you wish, and you can change everything you want.

Most of the plugins I’ve tested don’t have as much possibilities, and you can’t express yourself freely.

You can’t unlock your full potential.

It’s like you are letting a writer to use only certain words.

He wouldn’t be so talented any more, would he?

Besides the infinite possibilities it has, this VST is very intuitive and tidy. It didn’t seem so hard to learn and it wasn’t.

Every button is where it is supposed to be, even if it presents a lot of elements of control, it’s easy to get by.

Should I even speak about the design? The design is one of the most attractive, very smooth, that’s why I love working with it. The theme is very dark, which matches the name perfectly.

Even though it has so many possibilities, why isn’t it so popular?

A very good question.

Probably the people working at Image-Line never thought of promoting it,or probably nobody did ever exploit it at its full potential.

This instrument is a gold mine, believe me.

If you would know you have a gold mine beneath you, you’d probably start digging to get to the gold. I’ve attached clear proof to demonstrate what this VST is capable of.

What about presets?

Well it depends.

If you search on the internet, or you buy presets, surely it’s a waste of time and money.

True experts are so low in numbers, that professional sounds are gold, and in most cases, the presets you would find will be just good or mediocre.

Toxic Biohazard has the possibility of producing some amazing sounds, and it’s perfect for creating harmonic textures.

My recommendation is the following: if you are at the beginning and you do not know how to create your own sounds, use reFX Nexus.

It’s a very efficient alternative to consider.

If you want to go to the next level, and you want to synthesise your own sounds, then the best choice is Toxic Biohazard!

Certainly, you need technical and sound engineering knowledge, but we will discus those in further articles, so stay tuned.

If you are going to follow this article, I assure you, you’ll see its worth it, because you will accumulate knowledge about the sound, knowledge which you won’t find even if you keep searching on Google.

Most of them come from my own experience, I’ve learned by doing trial&error, and believe me, the errors have their part in progress. If we wouldn’t make mistakes, we would not learn.

The irony is that, with all the technology available at the moment, most of the sound properties are still hidden.

Most of them are unknown.

The science of sound is an amazing science. It has impressed me from the beginning.

I don’t know if it had the same impact on you, but I believe it made you a bit curious.

I want to find out what is your opinion, and if you find this subject relevant.

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I want to continue writing about this VST, so in the next article I will prove other advantages this virtual instrument has.

Thank you!

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