You’ve been told lies about the best synth

sylenth1-whiteEven though some people might disagree, I want to tell you the truth in this article.

The world we live in is one being lead by the marketing industry and by the power of money.

Unfortunately, with money you can control even the music nowadays.

It’s simple, when you have money you can promote yourself, even if you lack talent.

This “virus” came to the synthesiser world as well.

The most promoted VST’s aren’t necessarily the best. I will give an example soon enough.

The big drama of a beginner music producer

2 years ago I was unable of creating my own sounds, and most of my creations from back then could be simply be described as thrash.

Thrash’ because there was no preset that I kept from that period of time.

I kept deleting everything until I made something that I really liked.

Even from week one of using FL Studio I got attached of some synths, especially Toxic Biohazard.

I was naive back then, because my knowledge of sound design was zero, and my musical theory knowledge didn’t help that much either.

I was a simple human being in a huge and dark labyrinth.

I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was heading to.

I was asking for feedback from my friends, and they kept telling me that my projects were awful, and of course they advised me to change the plug-in I was using, but I didn’t, because I have been using Toxic Biohazard for a while and I got used with it.

At a certain point a friend of mine recommended 2 VSTs saying that these are the best that he has ever worked with: Sylenth1 and Zebra.

I remember that in the same day I’ve tried Sylenth1 and even though I liked it initially, the sensation faded away quickly when I realised that it’s a very limited VST since you can’t even customise the oscillators.

How did I learn that the best synth is a lie?

The results that I’ve been getting with Toxic Biohazard weren’t because of the synth, but because of me.

I was the one to blame because I didn’t know how to use it. It took me a while to realise that.

After getting so many unpleasant results even I started to believe that Toxic Biohazard is not as good as I though, and a friend even told me that Toxic Biohazard even has a problem with exporting, which is a lie.

If that was the case then probably Image-Line would give it for free, or they would sell it for 2 cents.

I believe in Image-Line. It’s a serious company that has been making virtual synthesisers for years.

In the top made by Music Radar, Sylenth1 has been ranked as #1.

Sincerely I consider that Nexus would deserve that place, even though It’s not a real synth.

I realised that Sylenth1 is not the best VST when I’ve discovered the hidden potential of other synthesisers.

A good example is Toxic Biohazard.

If you are not aware of what I’ve been posting on this blog, then let me tell you that I’ve uploaded 3 sound banks that I’ve made.

You can find them here, here and here.

They are the proof that Toxic Biohazard is a VST with a huge potential.

Now you might be thinking that the 102 sounds that I’ve launched won’t make Toxic Biohazard the most popular VST.

This is not my intention.

I just want to give some color to the music production, even if at a smaller scale.

There are a few other plug-ins that I recommend: Sugar Bytes Cyclop, Humanoid Enzyme, Lin Plug Spectral. I wrote a little about them here.

There is no such thing as ‘the best synth’

If you don’t believe me then go to FL Studio, open Sylenth1 and try to recreate any of the presets that I’ve made in Toxic Biohazard.

If you can do it then I will give you all my future sound banks for free.

I wouldn’t challenge you knowing that I will loose, but please go ahead and try.

If you manage to succeed I will give you my whole sound library. You have nothing to lose.

What I want to highlight is that Sylenth1 can’t create any sound. In fact this is the idea of this article.

Of course I’m not saying that you should stop using Sylenth1. The proof speaks for itself.

Every one chooses his own way in music production.

There are many people that make music just for fun, and there are also many people that make it just as a hobby.

For me it’s more than this. I want to revolutionise music and to create a new type of sound.

That’s all for now, so ’till the next time I want you to try your abilities of sound-design.

Until then I will be working on another sound bank that I will be uploading soon enough.

Good luck!

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