4 plugins that I recomend from FL Studio [Toxic Biohazard, Parametric EQ]

4 plugins in fl studio

4 plugins in fl studio

In this article I want to present you 4 of the plugins from FL Studio that helped me the most!

From the moment I started using this program, these plugins remained my favorites, and I keep using them even as we speak.

Out of these 4 VSTs, 2 are generators and 2 are used for mixing and modeling of the final product.

So let’s begin with the synthetisers.

1.Toxic Biohazard

toxic biohazard VST

toxic biohazard VST

When I first installed the demo version of FL Studio, one of the plug-ins that I have used was Toxic Biohazard!

I’ve enjoyed very much the presets it had, especially those from the folder “Best” , which by default were in the program.

I admit that, the first time when I’ve tested the sounds from FL Studio I was simply stunned.

Certainly it was something new for me.

I was simply unable to stop playing with it!

Before using FL, I’ve tried Melody Assistand and LMMS(Linux Multi Media Studio), the latter one being the best free program for creating music.

I’ve uploaded a video in which you can find the presets from the folder that impressed me at the beggining and which I still like.

2. Sytrus


Another plug-in which I consider very good, maybe not for creating sounds, but for learning some aspects of creating a sound.

Why Sytrus is one of my recomandations?

Because it combines in a unique way the additive synthesis with the substractive one.

You see how the sound looks, you see all the harmonics and details.

Besides, Sytrus is still a VST which I haven’t tested at it’s full potential, so I do not know what it’s trully capable of. But we will find out what can it do.

So these are the 2 virtual instruments which helped me a lot to learn.

I believe that 99% of the sounds I have made and are in my stock are made with these plug-ins. 🙂

Now, I want to present you the 2 efects from FL Studio of which I am adicted.

3. Parametric EQ2

mixing drums clap frecvency

mixing drums clap frecvency

Even though over the years I’ve tried a lot of virtual equalisers, like Fab Filter Pro Q, Spline EQ and many many others, Parametric remained my favorite.

Probably you are asking yourselves why do I like this plug-in so much that I have used it in most of my projects.

Well, the reason is that you can actually see in real time any frequency from the spectre of sound, and this aspect is very important, in other words you can not just hear the sound, but actually hear it.

It’s something else to see the sound, see where are the highest piched sounds, you see where you need to equalise more, or where you need to add a little boost to your track.

Parametric EQ2 is for me like an 6th sense.

If I wouldn’t have had it, certainly I wouldn’t have learned what I know right now.

I would like it even more if you could enlarge it, if it would have an option to expand it on the whole screen. 

I believe that if they would have added this option, the people from Image-Line would have been much more inspired.

4. Edison



Edison is a verry good plug-in for audio editing.

It has a lot of posibilities.

I like it very much, because, like Parametric EQ2, you can see the spectrum of any audio material when you open it.

Even further, you can change a lot of things in the audio file that you open, and it imports most audio formats.

To make it clear, I don’t want to say that these are the best plug-ins.

But,for a beginner they are extremly usefull, because you can learn a lot of things with these plug-ins.

Here is the proof, they have helped me a lot, this meaning that they could also help you in the same manner, to assist you in progressing faster, and becoming an expert in sound science.

What do I want to do with this site?

I want to help you become an expert of sound.

If you’ve also read the other articles and you follow the things that I post, then congrats, you’ve chosen an excelent way!

You will aquire a lof of knowledge about sound and music, more than you would have ever imagined!

I haven’t seen a lot of tutorials, most of the things I know I’ve learned on my own, testing and testing, untill I got to the level I am right now.

I’ve heard a lot of rummors about the plugins that FL Studio has!

Some say that they aren’t good at all, others say that it’s a software for begginers, etc.

I can say that you can learn a lot of things by using this software.

In the future articles I will speak about some aspects of sound creations, so I recommend that you don’t miss any article.

Now, I want to ask you something: Do you want to become a master of sound?

I believe that every one would want that.

If someone would say “no” they probably don’t know the value of this knowledge.

It’s exactly like finding gold without actually knowing that it is actually … gold!!!

As an ending, I would like you to leave a comment in which you would say what virtual instruments have assisted you in becoming better?

If you have some sugestions, don’t hesitate to share them!

If you know someone who might be interested of this subject, please share!

Thank you!

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